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Why Choose HealthGains for Your Integrative Wellness Provider

Why We Are Different

As the first wave of "baby-boomers" reaches retirement age, more and more anti-aging practices are popping up all over. With such an abundance of options, why should you pick HealthGains? To put it simply, experience you can trust.

You won't find any false claims, or "miracle cures" at HealthGains, but what you will find is only the best in clinically-proven, evidence based age-management protocols, custom tailored to your unique needs. But that is not the only reason.


Why HealthGains is Your Integrative Health Solution

1. We Set the Standard - Since we first opened in Aventura, Florida in 2003, we’ve been helping men and women restore their quality of life and take charge of their bodies. Our vast experience in hormone replacement therapies, PRP treatments, sexual wellness and other cutting-edge age management solutions, gives us the knowledge and the ability to help you achieve your goals.

2. Program Monitoring: Many Age Management clinics are just interested in their bottom line. Once you walk out of the door, you never hear from them again. At HealthGains, the patient always comes first. Our doctors and patient care staff are truly invested in your success. That’s why we continually follow-up to make sure you’re on track to meet your goals.

3. Lifestyle Coaching: AAG HealthGAINS overall Wellness Programs aren’t just about hormone replacement or any one treatment. We take a holistic approach to age management that is tailored to your goals and lifestyle.  You will be assigned your own “Lifestyle Coach” who will work with you to instill healthy habits into your daily routine. He or she will also show you how things like diet, fitness, and supplementation are critical to your success.

4. On-Site Diagnostic Testing: We use state-of-the-art technology to assess your health from head-to-toe. We check for things like cardiovascular risk, body composition, mineral deficiency, heavy metal toxicity and other factors that could be affecting your health. Again, we aren’t just about treatments, we get to know you, and your unique needs.

5. Nationwide Network of Doctors: AAG HealthGAINS is growing across the country. We have locations throughout the U.S., so you’re never too far from our progressive treatment plans and services.

Give us a call today at 1-866-779-2608 for more information on our satellite offices.

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