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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Seattle, WA

What is erectile dysfunction and what treatments are available?

Erectile dysfunction is a matter of degrees, ranging from occasional difficulty in obtaining an erection to complete inability for the penis to become erect. Some men can live just fine with an occasional performance issue. For others, even one bout of ED can be devastating.

Statically speaking, 50% of all men have experienced erectile dysfunction at some time or another. After age 40, nearly 40% have to deal with the condition, and by 70 years old, about 70% of men experience some form of ED, usually accompanied by a loss of libido or sex drive.

Diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, are just a few of the conditions that could lead to ED. When conditions such as these go undetected, the older you get the worse they usually get, and that is why ED can often seem to be just a sign of “getting older.”

These conditions aside, we also now understand that just getting older also effects blood flow to the penis. The vessels that supply blood to the penis tend to wear down over time. The older you get they constrict and impede blood flow. Viagra, and the other popular erectile dysfunction pills can do nothing to open up these blood vessels. However, there are new and emerging drug-free solutions of ED that can correct this root cause of erectile dysfunction.

Get to Know These Symptoms & Causes of ED

But, did you know you could be perfectly healthy, and still have a problem with blood flow to your penis?

We now know that the reason why your ability to perform sexually decreases as you age is because the vessels that supply blood to your penis break down, or otherwise become restricted over time. This is the root cause of most “age-related erectile dysfunction.”

The latest treatments for erectile dysfunction have been designed to slow, and in some cases even reverse this age-related constriction of blood vessels.

Did you know that diabetes, heart disease and high blood pressure all increase the risk of erectile dysfunction?

Why would these conditions be linked to ED? It helps to understand that getting an erection involves physical, neurological, and circulatory processes. Interfere with any one of those and you inhibit the ability to get, or maintain an erection. Diseases such as heart disease, obesity and type 2 diabetes, can effect one, two, or all three of these aspects of arousal!

But, we also know now that just the simple fact of getting older, cause blood flow to the penis to decrease. That is why most, if not all of our ED treatment options do something to open blood vessels, and improve blood flow.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options

  • P-Shot – Platelet Rich Plasma is the key ingredient in the P-shot. Platelet Rich Plasma uses the healing and growth factors in your own blood to improve your ability to get an erection. The P-shot is recommended for men with diabetes or high-blood pressure, because it is drug-free.
  • Gains Enhancement® – The Gains Enhancement® is one of our latest ED treatments. It is related to the P-shot, however, it uses a unique blend of PRP and other natural ingredients that improves its results. Since it is also made from your own blood, it uses no drugs, and has little or no known side effects. The Gains Enhancement is also a good option for men with diabetes, hypertension or heart disease.
  • GAINSWave™– The GAINSWave™ is the newest treatment for Erectile Dysfunction on the market. It is a clinically proven medical procedure that uses high-frequency soundwaves to open old blood vessels and stimulate the creation of new blood vessels, improving your ability to get stronger and more sustainable erections.
  • Hormone Therapy – Did you know that low hormones or hormone imbalances can also lead to ED? When you come for your first ED consultation, depending on your age and symptoms we may want to check your testosterone level. If your levels are low, we may recommend hormone therapy in addition to one of the above treatments.

Erectile Dysfunction Consultation in “Seattle”

The goal of your initial Seattle erectile dysfunction consultation is to completely evaluate your signs and symptoms. We will discuss how often you have problems with ED, and how badly it is effecting your sex life. We will take tests to determine if you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other underlying medical disorder that could be causing your ED. Depending on your symptoms, and/or other complaints, we may suggest testing your hormone levels. Once we have a more complete picture we will discuss the various ED solutions available to you.

ED Treatment Testimonials & Reviews

“I am over 50, but no way am I ready to give up sex! But, I tried the pills, all of them, didn’t like any of them, I got headaches and they just made me feel weird. I searched the internet for ‘alternative ED treatments in Seattle,’ and found you guys, boy am I glad I did!
Paul M.
“I wouldn’t say I was having any real trouble down there, and I wanted to keep it that way. I read this article about some treatments in Europe, shockwave, or something like that. Then I heard that you all had something even better, the GAINSWave. Since my treatment, I am having my best sex in years!”
Karl P.
“I was wondering, was there any way to really make me bigger down there, without surgery. I know they say size doesn’t really matter, but it did to me. I heard about the P-shot, and sure enough it works! I have gained at least an inch or two in both length and width.
Tony R.

Find an Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Doctor in Seattle

To get the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction in Seattle and the surrounding areas of: Tacoma, Bellevue, Renton, Redmond, Medina, and Issaquah, WA.

Seattle Erectile Dysfunction FAQs

Are there any ED treatment side effects?

Oral ED medications have many side effects from mild to severe. These drugs such as Viagra can even cause a fatal drop in blood pressure in men who may be taking nitrates for heart disease. Penile implant surgery is painful, invasive and has the risks and possible side effects of any surgical procedure. We offer the safest and most side effect-free alternative ED treatments available.

What is the safest erectile dysfunction treatment?

The GAINSWave and the Gains Enhancement are probably the safest and most effective ED treatments you can find.

How much does an erectile dysfunction treatment cost in Seattle?

Your cost of ED treatment will vary depending on your age, medical condition and treatment prescribed. However, our most popular treatments, the GAINSWave™ and the Gains Enhancement® are low cost when compared to penile implant surgery, and more cost effective than continually renewing an ED drug prescription

How do I know what is the best erectile dysfunction treatment for me?

When you come in for your ED consolation, we will evaluate your age, your health and your physical condition and match you with the erectile dysfunction treatment that is the best fit for you.

Can erectile dysfunction ever be cured?

As medical professionals we are cautious in using the word “cure”, but our ED treatments are very effective, and provide very satisfying and long lasting results. For example, 90% of men who have used the GAINSWave report significant improvements in sexual satisfaction.

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