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Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in Portland, OR

What is erectile dysfunction and what treatments are available?

Erectile dysfunction, or ED is a complex condition with causes and treatments as varied as the individuals who suffer from it. The best approach to any kind of male enhancement or ED treatment, is to be willing to talk honestly and openly with your doctor about your problems, obtain an accurate diagnosis, and discuss the various treatment options that are right for you.

You are probably familiar with the many erectile dysfunction pills on the market today. But, oral ED medications are not right for everybody. We have learned much more about the condition once referred to as “impotence,” and there have been many advances in erectile dysfunction treatments. Today, men seeking a cure for erectile dysfunction in Portland have many more drug-free, and surgery free options available than ever before!

How Do I Know If I Have ED?

Statistics aside, the truth is, every man probably has had trouble achieving an erection at one time or another. Many common everyday issues, from stress and anxiety to alcohol consumption, could contribute to your ability to achieve or maintain and erection. While these occasional problems with sexual performance may not fit the “official” medical dictionary definition of ED, they can still have a profound effect on your sex life and overall happiness.

While there can be many factors that influence ED, the root cause is always related to blood flow. Many of the conditions that we associate with “getting older,” such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension, all negatively impact blood flow. That is why men with these conditions, almost always also suffer from some degree of ED.

But, did you know you could be perfectly healthy, and still have a problem with blood flow to your penis?

We now know that the reason why your ability to perform sexually decreases as you age is because the vessels that supply blood to your penis break down, or otherwise become restricted over time. This is the root cause of most “age-related erectile dysfunction.”

The latest treatments for erectile dysfunction have been designed to slow, and in some cases even reverse this age-related constriction of blood vessels.

What are my Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Options?

  • P-Shot – The P-shot is one of the latest treatment for ED. The active ingredient of the P-shot is Platelet Rich Plasma also known as PRP. PRP improves blood flow to the penis naturally. The P-shot is drug-free, and therefore is a great ED treatment option for men who have high blood pressure and/or diabetes.
  • Gains Enhancement®– The Gains Enhancement® is a breakthrough in ED treatments for men. It is similar to the P-shot, but has been designed with a proprietary formula of special growth factors and all natural fillers, to provide longer lasting results.
  • GAINSWave™– The GAINSWave™ is the result of the latest research in erectile dysfunction. It is drug-free, surgery-free and completely non-invasive. The GAINSWave uses painless acoustical waves to open blood vessels and improve blood flow.
  • Hormone Therapy – Low or imbalanced hormones such as testosterone and growth hormone, could also contribute to ED. Your comprehensive ED physical and treatments may include hormone testing and hormone replacement.

What Can I Expect From my Erectile Dysfunction Consultation in Portland?

When you come in for your erectile dysfunction consultation in Portland you will be completely evaluated before we offer you our available ED solutions. A physical exam and complete medical history will be taken to determine if you have high-blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, or any other condition that could contribute to ED, or influence the ED treatment you are prescribed.

ED Treatment Testimonials & Reviews

“I am around 50, I was having a bit of trouble in the bedroom. I had heard something about ‘PRP’ and how it could help men with ED. I liked the idea that there were no pills to take. After my exam, you recommended the Gains Enhancement. My results have be fantastic, I feel like I can do it like I could in my twenties again!”
Glen F.
“I tried all the pills, the creams, the so-called ‘male enhancement’ supplements, and nothing gave me what I wanted. That is until I tried the Gains Enhancement. Now I am bigger, better, and chasing my wife around the room again!”
Jon R.
“I hate pills. Taking a pill means I am sick. I am not sick, I just want to perform better. The GAINSWave was literally just what the doctor ordered for me!”
Henry D.

Find an Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Doctor in Portland

To get the latest treatment for erectile dysfunction in Portland and the surrounding areas of: Eugene, Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Medford, Cedar Mill, Lincoln City, or Oregon City, all you need to do is Contact Us at the number below.

Portland Erectile Dysfunction FAQs

Are there any ED treatment side effects?

Oral ED medications have many side effects from mild to severe. These drugs such as Viagra can even cause a fatal drop in blood pressure in men who may be taking nitrates for heart disease. Penile implant surgery is painful, invasive and has the risks and possible side effects of any surgical procedure. We offer the safest and most side effect-free alternative ED treatments available.

What is the safest erectile dysfunction treatment?

The GAINSWave and the Gains Enhancement are probably the safest and most effective ED treatments you can find.

How much does an erectile dysfunction treatment cost in Portland?

Your cost of ED treatment will vary depending on your age, medical condition and treatment prescribed. However, our most popular treatments, the GAINSWave and the Gains enhancement are low cost when compared to penile implant surgery, and more cost effective than continually renewing an ED drug prescription

How do I know what is the best erectile dysfunction treatment for me?

We will recommend the ED solution that best fits your condition, medical history and lifestyle.

Can erectile dysfunction be reversed? Can ED be cured?

We do not like to say that ED can be cured, but our treatments are very effective, and provide very satisfying and long lasting results.

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