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Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Are you having the kind of sex life you would like, or are you having a “little trouble in the bedroom?”

If you are having trouble, you are not alone! 50% of all men have experienced erectile dysfunction, or ED at some time or another.

Many factors can cause ED. There are certain conditions such as diabetes, high-blood pressure, and prostate issues that can lead to ED. Things such as relationship issues, everyday stress, even being a little older, can all impact sexual function.

The good news is, over the years, various effective treatments for ED have been introduced.

HealthGAINS is dedicated to providing you with the latest, safest and most effective ED treatments available, so you can have the confidence to enjoy a happy and healthy sex life!


The GAINSWave is our very latest Erectile Dysfunction treatment. It uses high-frequency acoustical waves to repair age-worn blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new vessels. The improved blood flow results in longer, stronger and more sustainable erections.

The Gains Enhancement®

The Gains Enhancement® uses PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma to successfully treat ED. PRP uses the healing and growth factors in your own blood to improve blood flow and rejuvenate erectile tissue. Since it is made from your own blood, there are little or no known side effects, and the Gains Enhancement can not only restore erectile function, it can increase the size of your penis!

The Gains Enhancement is often use in conjunction with the GAINSWave, which provides a one-two punch to knock out your problems with ED!


The P-shot procedure, also known as the Priapus shot, is a clinically proven medical procedure that can treat ED, as well as increase your penis size, without using drugs, implants or surgical procedures of any kind. The P-shot could also be used to treat men with Peyronie’s Disease

ED Medication

The first alternative ED treatments ever developed were the now common oral ED medications. These can still be a good choice for some men, depending on your circumstances, needs, or lifestyle.

If you have ED you do not have to go on suffering in silence!

There is no need to be embarrassed, or accept that decreased sexual function is a normal part of ageing. Contact our offices today, to see if one of these proven ED treatments are right for you – and be a better lover tonight!

Erectile Dysfunction Clinics

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