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Penis Size: The Myth and The Reality

There probably are more myths and misconceptions surrounding penis size, then there are about any other aspect of human sexuality.

penis size
Michelangelo's David sculpture in the Galleria Dell'Accademia in Florence. Photograph: Murdo Macleod/Murdo Macleod

The most common misconception is just what an “average” penis length is. You may be surprised to know that the average size of a flaccid penis is 3-4 inches.

Some of the other most common myths about penis size include:

  • That certain races average larger penises than others
  • That taller men have bigger penises
  • That the size of a man’s hands, nose, or feet, can indicate his penis size

None of these are true.

Perception and perspective is another thing to keep in mind when it comes to considering the size of your own penis. The angle from which most men view their penis most of the time, is looking down, while urinating – the penis naturally looks smaller then it is, when viewed from this angle.

Does Penis Size Matter?

That is the age old question isn’t it?

First of all, penis size seems to matter much more to men than women. In a recent sex survey of heterosexual couples, 85% of women reported they were happy with their man’s size, while only 55% of men said they were happy with their penis size. In fact, to women, width, or girth seems to matter more, with almost 90% or women saying they prefer a thick penis, to a long one.

The idea that a penis has to be of certain length to pleasure a women is basically a male concept. The truth is the vagina is a flexible organ that can stretch or constrict to accommodate penises of all sizes and shapes. Furthermore, most women enjoy a sex life that is not purely restricted to vaginal intercourse, and many achieve stronger and more satisfying orgasms from manual or oral stimulation.

How Do I Measure Up?

So if there are so many misconceptions about average penis size, how can you tell if you are above, or below average? Glad you asked. We have developed this live interactive graph that can show you exactly where you measure up based on a new international study of 15,000 penises worldwide.

Male Enhancement

Just because most men may be making a “bigger” deal over penis size than they need to, that doesn’t mean you have to be satisfied with your size, or your ability to perform. Let’s say you do fall below the average on the calculator above, or are suffering from erectile dysfunction, or you may just want a few more inches no matter where you place on the charts.

Did you know that there is a safe, effective and all-natural male enhancement procedure that can not only improve your ability to achieve and maintain an erection, but can increase penis size as well?

There is, and it uses a remarkable discovery known as PRP. PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. PRP is derived from you own blood, and it is used along with special fillers in my own proprietary treatment, the Gains Enhancement. The Gains Enhancement uses PRP to increase blood flow to your penis, and to stimulate the growth of new cells. PRP is the only erectile dysfunction treatment that can also add both length and girth to the penis.

Men who have used the Gains Enhancement have seen remarkable, and measurable results in a single, pain-free treatment.

You can find out a lot more about PRP, male sexual wellness, and many other ways to age optimally in my latest e-book, The Gaines Guide to Renewed Vitality –it is over 80 pages of life changing and life extending information.

*Disclaimer: The results described may vary based on a variety of factors.


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