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Biomarkers Testing for Men

You’re not as old as it says on your driver’s license. Although you may technically be 45, your body might actually be older physiologically. To find out your real age, HealthGains offers biomarkers testing that calculates your bone mineral density, arterial stiffness and more. So what’s included? Check out the list of tests we offer below:

Arterial Stiffness

Are you at risk for heart disease? This test measure your blood pressure to see how supple your arteries are.

Body Composition

Not sure if you’re the right weight for your height? Our body comp. test calculates your body mass index and muscle mass.

Bone Mineral Density

Weak bones are no fun. Let us take a look at your bone density to see if you’re at risk for osteoporosis.

Immune Function

Been catching more cold lately? See how effective your immune system is at fighting off germs.

Lung Capacity

Check yourself for lung disease with this test that looks at your maximum forced expiratory volume.

Mental Acuity

Our computerized tests help check your cognitive function for impairment.

Skin Elasticity

Your skin’s firmness can tell us if you’re at a higher risk for wrinkles and other aging signs.

Telomere Length

Found at the end of each chromosome, these sections of DNA can tell us more about the lifespan of your cells. The shorter the telomere, the faster your cells die.
All of these tests are necessary to create baselines for your hormone replacement therapy plan. With this knowledge, we can make the most effective HRT plan for the best results ever. Our mission is to get you the results you want in a safe and effective way.

To start scheduling these exams, get in touch with one of our hormone specialist at 1-800-325-1325. You can also complete the contact form for more information.