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San Diego Hormone Replacement Therapy

The best hormone replacement therapy clinic in San Diego is HealthGains, a trusted HRT therapy provider for more than ten years.

HealthGains’s dedication to customer service and care has helped pushed them to the forefront of the industry. HealthGains is the closest thing to a time machine - see for yourself!

Who’s HealthGains?

HealthGains is an industry leader in bio-identical hormone services. We help men and women overcome the many symptoms that come with having low hormone levels. As you get older, your body fails to produce sufficient hormones. The lack of hormones starts affecting your daily life. You’ll start to feel less energetic and more fatigued. You might lose interest in sex. You could find yourself forgetting things frequently.

Fortunately, there’s hope. Our integrative wellness programs have been helping people for more than a decade. Our programs have been shown to restore hormone balance and improve quality of life. You could be next.

What are the Steps of Hormone Therapy in San Diego?

Hormone therapy in San Diego is a three-step process. The first step is easy: pick up the phone and call 866-779-2608 or fill up an online form to be contacted by our HRT Therapy specialist in San Diego.

We’ll give you all the information you need and schedule your blood tests. These tests are absolutely essential to your success. Without these tests, we can’t provide you with the best HRT Therapy plan. All of our programs are unique, so we need this unique information from you to design the program.

Next, you’ll go to an AAG hormone specialist in San Diego to review your results and discuss treatment plans. After the doctor evaluates you, he or she will create a program. The final step is receiving your medications and going through the program - and getting the desired results.

Getting Started with HRT Therapy

To get started, contact us at 866-812-7641 and speak with a specialist about hormone therapy in San Diego. We offer Growth HormoneTestosterone and Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy. We have the answers you need to make an informed decision and see if you’re a good HRT candidate.

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