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Hormone Therapy in Beverly Hills

HealthGains has been in practice for over 10 years and if you are in the Beverly Hills area and would like to benefit from an age management hormone treatment designed to deliver the benefits you are looking for then please contact us.

For anyone over the age of 40, it is easy to understand what is meant by “declining physical, mental and sexual prowess.” The fact is that declining levels of hormones are primarily responsible for many of the complications that come with the onset of middle age.

Beverly Hills Doctors Specializing in Declining Hormone Levels

Our Beverly Hills doctors specialize in treating men and women who are experiencing problems that come about with declining hormones. Want to get your “groove” back? Or just want to maintain what you have worked hard to accomplish? Consider a bio-identical hormone treatment plan.

HealthGains hormone therapies have been shown to:

  • Increase Stamina and Endurance
  • Enhance Sex drive and libido
  • Improve Body Composition
  • Improve Focus and Concentration
  • Enhance Well-being and Outlook
  • Increase Cardio Output

Improve Your Life Dramatically with HealthGains

Numerous studies have shown that when hormone medications are combined with good nutrition and regular physical activity, the improvements in quality of life are significant. Imaging getting back the drive, energy and lust for life you once had. How would that improve you, your relationships and your life?

HealthGains’s affiliate doctor has been practicing in Beverly Hills since 2003 and he is dedicated to restoring appearance, self-esteem, function, and quality of life to his many patients.Our hormone therapy clinic offers many comprehensive age management plans that incorporate various bio-identical hormone medications.

As we age hormones like testosterone and others decline in both men and women. Low testosterone, sometimes referred to as Low T, is commonly under-diagnosed by many family physicians and wreaks havoc with a man’s general performance and appearance.

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