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Hormone Therapy for Women

Despite popular belief, hormone replacement therapy isn’t just for men. Women, too, can benefit from HRT programs like the ones we offer here at HealthGains.

The production of estrogen, testosterone and other hormones tapers off as women get older, so it’s important to get your levels checked. If your hormones are too low, you could start experiencing some unpleasant symptoms like the following:

  • Irregular periods
  • Increased body weight
  • Frequent migraines
  • Constant anxiety and panic
  • Reduced immune function

consultation for hormone therapy with dr. Richard Gaines

Menopause Hormone Optimization

HealthGains can help you fight these pre-menopause and menopause symptoms. By getting your hormone levels checked out, we can determine if the root cause of your problem is a hormonal imbalance.

You’ll then be assigned to a HealthGains medical doctor who will work on revamping your lifestyle with positive changes like healthy eating, regular exercise, hormone therapy and more. In just a few months, you’ll feel like a whole new person!

Instead of feeling the unwanted symptoms we listed above, you’ll start to experience:

* Greater vitality and stamina
* Longer, deeper sleep
* Fewer health issues
* Less hot flashes
* Better sexual performance

Help Us Help You

Our goal is to help you get your hormone levels back in balance so you can lead a happy, fulfilling life again. Don’t pass up the chance to improve your life tenfold. If you’re ready for a change, we’re ready for your call.

Contact us at 1-866-779-2608 for more information about our proven HRT plans.

Regardless of which way you contact us, make sure to ask your hormone specialist about getting a comprehensive HRT guide free of charge.

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