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Hormone Levels: Get Tested

There are many ways to get your hormone levels checked, but the most accurate way is a blood test. The accuracy of saliva tests and urine tests pale in comparison to that of blood work.

Unfortunately, many doctors never check your hormone levels. At most, they might check your thyroid levels - if that. As a result, andropause (male menopause) symptoms go undiagnosed; hormone testing is critical as you get older because your body’s production of hormones like testosterone declines with age.

Do I Have Low Hormones?

If your health has started to deteriorate lately, low hormone levels may be to blame. At AAG Health, we’ll run a full panel of tests to look for any imbalances. We currently offer two types of panels: Executive and Comprehensive.

The former goes beyond just simple hormone level testing. The Executive panel also looks at things like blood sugar, edema and cancer markets. This particular type of testing is ideal for someone who wants a look at their whole health status.

The Comprehensive panel is just the minimum amount of tests we require before starting you on a hormone therapy program. It looks at hormone levels as well as common measurements like cholesterol.

We highly suggest that you opt for the Executive panel over the Comprehensive panel. Although the Executive option is a tad more expensive, you’ll get a full health assessment and know where you really stand.

Hormone Test - The First Step

Need help scheduling your blood draw? We can help you! Call us at 1-866-779-2608 to learn more about our various lab testing options and hormone replacement therapy in general. We’re excited to hear from you.

If you’re not able to call us during business hours, feel free to leave a message or fill out the contact form below.

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