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Gains Sexual Enhancement Troches

Gains Sexual Enhancement Troches


Gains Sexual Enhancement Troches Defined:

Is your age causing trouble in the bedroom? Don’t let age paralyze you. HealthGAINS offers many different solutions to help you overcome sexual performance issues; including our Gains Sexual Enhancement Troches.

Troches are compounded male enhancement medications created to help men overcome these common symptoms that surface with age. These troches will help you achieve sexual wellness by:

  • Increasing your sex drive
  • Providing better quality erections
  • Offering a boost in performance

HealthGAINS currently has 2 different troches. Each has been carefully designed with unique ingredients to give you optimal performance. When taken together, they provide a powerful response that is twice as effective.

What’s the Different in Troches?

The 2 troches can be easily distinguished by their colors. The blue is intended for daily use and the red troche is meant to be taken at least 30 minutes prior to sex.

  1. The Blue: This troche contains Tadalifil and Apomorphine. Tadalifil will increase the erection response while Apomorphine uses dopamine to stimulate the reward and pleasure center of your brain.
  2. The Red: These include Avanafil, the fastest acting medication available today, and Oxytocin (which promotes intimacy and bonding).

How does it compare to other ED Medications?

Troches set themselves apart from other erectile dysfunction medication in a variety of ways. First, each individual troche can be divided into quarter’s dosages to last longer. Secondly, they have a fast onset time and absorb easily into the body for more effective results. Lastly, they possess a blend of the latest erectile medications that creates a more potent response.

Our Gains Sexual Enhancement troches are only available by prescription by a doctor. You can give us a call at: (866) 779-2608 to speak to one of our wellness advisors to if our troches are right for you. They’ll be happy to answer any questions.

Additionally, you can enjoy free samples of our troches whenever you receive a Gains Enhancement Protocol.

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