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Gains Enhancement for Penis Enlargement & Male Enhancement

Gains Enhancement

Penis Enlargement & Male Enhancement

How would you like:

  • Better Quality Erections
  • Heightened pleasure and sensation
  • Increased blood circulation
  • A natural alternative to pills or surgery

HealthGains wants to introduce you to a revolutionary, clinically-proven, safe and effective procedure that increases sexual performance, and overall sexual wellness, and in some cases even penis size. Best of all, it DOES NOT require any prescription pharmaceuticals or surgery!

It's called The Gains Enhancement® and it uses two medically proven therapies, GAINSWave and the P-Shot® to enhance both erection quality as well as length and girth.

What is GAINSWave Therapy?

GAINSWave is a revolutionary drug-free, surgery-free, and non-invasive therapy that uses acoustical sound waves, to provide a breakthrough solution for men seeking better erections and optimal sexual performance.

By using pulsed acoustic waves (a form of Shockwave therapy), GAINSWave opens existing blood vessels and stimulates the formation of new ones, which improves blood flow and helps men obtain stronger and more sustainable erections.

The P-Shot®

gains enhancement for penis enlargement and male enhancementThe P-Shot uses PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma), which involves separating the healing “growth factors” in your blood from the blood cells, and then re-applying growth factors back into your penis.

The Priapus shot does more than just improve your ability to get an erection. By using PRP therapy, this process stimulates the growth of new cells in erectile tissues, which means this proven procedure not only treats ED, but may actually increase your penis size. *Increases in length and girth of 1-2 inches or more, are not uncommon with the Priapus shot.

How Does the Gains Enhancement® Work?

This breakthrough therapy has been used by Dr. Richard Gaines to help thousands of men to naturally overcome erectile dysfunction symptoms, treat other performance difficulties, and *increase the size and improve the appearance of their penis.

Dr. Gaines was a pioneer in understanding how PRP and Shockwave therapy could be used to treat male sexual wellness issues, which is why he developed the Gains Enhancement.

By combining the P-Shot with GAINSWave Therapy, it *delivers better, stronger, and bigger, results that last longer than traditional ED treatments.

Gains Enhancement Expectations:

With the Gains Enhancement You May Experience:

  • Easier, stronger, and longer erections
  • A decrease in pre-mature ejaculations
  • Increased desire
  • Enhanced self-confidence, self-image, and body image
  • Improved mood
  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Improvements in satisfaction (for you and your partner)

The Gains Enhancement Procedure:

This treatment is a series of simple in-office procedures that are completely non-invasive, drug-free, and surgery free. Once GAINSWave is administered, a small amount of blood is drawn, that is run through a centrifuge to separate the platelets from the red and white blood cells.

Next, the P-Shot is then administered to the areas of your penis that are responsible for sensitivity, arousal, and obtaining and maintaining an erection.

Don’t worry! The procedure is given with little or no discomfort, since we use a local anesthetic first. The growth factors and other natural compounds within the Gains Enhancement start to take effect right away, increasing blood flow to the penis, *resulting in increased size, and immediately improving your ability to obtain and maintain stronger, longer, and harder erections.

Overall the Procedure:

  • Takes about 30 minutes.
  • Has little or no pain or discomfort.
  • Is completely surgery, drug and chemical free.
  • Requires little, if any, downtime.
  • Provides result that can last for up to 18 months.*

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