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Maximum Sexual Performance Package for Women

Look and Feel More Sexy at Any Age

Did you know that Health Plus Magazine's recent National Over-45s Sex Survey found that older women are becoming much more "adventurous in bed" with almost 90% of respondents admitting they like to try new and varied positions and "unusual" locations.

A majority of those surveyed also said that their sex was better now, in their 40s, than it had been in their 20s.

The most recent Hite Report found that "older women" are actually more likely to achieve and enjoy multiple orgasms than younger women, and the Pennell study found that a woman's sexual desire and her ability to be aroused actually increases with age.

female sexual health and wellness for womenSo what is holding you back?

While these studies are great news indicating a new sexual revolution for women, the truth is, as you age, your body does change, and with those changes can come some sexual wellness issues.

The vaginal walls can become thinner and also a little stiffer, the vaginal opening can change, areas of stimulation can become less sensitive, and most women experience a decrease in vaginal lubrication.

And it doesn't only take aging to bring on these kinds of symptoms, the stresses of work, motherhood, and everyday life, can also affect your sexual desires and ability to enjoy your love-life.

But how would you like to reignite your passion, and have the best sex you ever had, regardless of your age or lifestyle?
HealthGains is the only Female Sexual Wellness Center in the country to offer our unique Maximum Sexual Performance Package for Women featuring the proprietary Gains Protocol for Women.

With the Gains Protocol for Women you can expect:

  • Easier, stronger, and more frequent orgasms.*
  • Less pain during and after intercourse.*
  • Increased desire.*
  • Improved urinary health.*
  • Enhanced self-confidence, self-image, and body image.*
  • Improved mood.*
  • Stress and anxiety relief.*
  • Improvements in your relationship that come with better partner satisfaction.*


o-shot as seen on tv

Stronger and more frequent orgasms with O-Shot®

It’s called O-Shots. The procedure uses the medically proven technique of PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy. PRP involves separating the healing or “growth factors” in your blood from the blood cells, and then re-injecting that super-charged plasma back into your body. .

For package pricing Please call (866) 779-2608.

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