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HGH therapy can help you turn back the clock. You will find it at HealthGAINS! We don't know what you'll get at Genegenics Florida.
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Cenegenics ® is well-known in the field of age management. And, you can find Cengenics providers in Florida. The problem is, while Cenegenics’ Florida doctors provide hormone optimization as part of their programs, it can be prohibitively expensive.

Even if you go to a Florida Cenegenics provider for HGH optimization, and you do get prescribed HGH injection therapy, you will likely pay more for it then you would at HealthGains. Also, you may be required to purchase a nutritional supplement called "Cengenics Muscle Formula," which will add to the cost.

Cenegenics ® claims that this supplement will increase your body’s production of HGH, and thereby boost your HGH levels.

Boosting your HGH levels can result in renewed strength and vitality. However, no supplement has been clinically proven to boost your HGH level as much as HGH injections can.

Understand that this product -- which itself is sometimes referred to as "Cenegenics" -- is not Human Growth Hormone, nor does it contain any HGH.

At HealthGAINS we like to consider ourselves an alternative to Cenegenics for your Hormone Therapy. There are a number of reasons why we feel HealthGAINS is the right choice, but listen firsthand to HealthGains member, on why he chose us over Cenegenics®.

An Alternative to Florida Cenegenics ® Doctors

Cenegenics ® recognizes the value of Growth Hormone Therapy. According to their own marketing material Cenegenics is an "age-management program that can reduce the effects of aging, improve muscle tone, decrease body fat, increase sex drive and sharpen cognitive skills." Cenegenics offers to accomplish that through fitness, diet and hormone optimization including "human growth hormone replacement." Cenegenics Alternative >>

Cenegenics ® recognizes the value of HGH therapy, however, they do charge significantly higher prices for the same HGH injections that HealthGains provides. They also sell and market a supplement known as "Cengenics Muscle Formula." This product can allegedly increase muscle mass and help to make you look and feel younger, stronger, and more youthful. Not only is the product not HGH, it is very expensive. Your initial workup at Cenegenics will cost in the neighborhood of $3,000. Following that first work up, your prescribed regimen of Cenegenics products and supplements can run as high as $1800 monthly.

Benefits of Authentic Growth Hormone Therapy

HGH is a hormone. Your production of HGH slows as you get older. The only FDA approved way to boost your level of HGH once you are a fully grown adult is with injections of bioidentical HGH.

You can only be sure if you qualify for HGH injection therapy, by having your HGH levels tested and evaluated.

At HealthGains we use HGH injection therapy as needed to optimize your HGH levels. Our real HGH injections are not only more effective, but can be less expensive than a typical Cenegenics program.

Bioidentical HGH Therapy can:

  • Help build lean muscle mass
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Boost libido and solve other sexual wellness issues
  • Help to regulate sleep
  • Strengthen bones and aid in weight loss

Find out today if our HGH replacement therapy is the Florida Miami Cenegenics alternative you have been looking for! Contact Us today, you may even qualify for FREE lab work!

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