Does Testosterone Therapy Play a Role in Treating Diabetes?

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Could testosterone therapy help with treating diabetes?

It’s been established that there is a link between low testosterone (Low T) and men with diabetes. In fact, men with type 2 diabetes are twice as likely to have Low T than men who don’t have diabetes.

Does this mean that low testosterone causes diabetes? Not necessarily.

As we say in medicine “correlation does not imply causation.” However, low T can lead to conditions that increase the risk of diabetes. The most common risks are obesity and heart disease.

Testosterone Therapy and Treating Diabetes

link between low t and diabetes and how testosterone therapy can help with treating diabetesStudies have shown that men with low testosterone have increased insulin resistance. This is what puts men with Low T at greater risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Since there is a connection between Low T and diabetes, men with diabetes are often given testosterone therapy. This helps to raise their testosterone. Most of these men received testosterone therapy as a method for treating diabetes. These men did also receive typical treatments like insulin and lifestyle changes.

Men who receive testosterone therapy, in addition to the typical diabetes treatments, have shown significant decreases in blood glucose levels. However, men who used only insulin and diet, did not see as good of results.

The increased testosterone could be what helped with treating diabetes. Or it could have been the overall impact that testosterone replacement had on their health.

Either way, testosterone therapy clearly plays a role in treating diabetes. It seems to also reduce the symptoms in men 35-55 developing diabetes.

Other Benefits of Testosterone Therapy

Does low testosterone influence diabetes? Or does diabetes cause a reduction in testosterone? It is probably a little bit of both, that causes a vicious cycle of poor health.

Regardless, testosterone therapy can help break the cycle. Plus it seems to help with treating diabetes. Men who undergo testosterone therapy usually achieve:

  • Improved sleep
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Decreased fat
  • Improved vitality

could testosterone therapy help with treating diabetes?These benefits alone can help a man with diabetes better manage his symptoms. The items listed above can even be used to assist with treating diabetes and preventing it.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above and treating diabetes, testosterone therapy can:

  • Make you feel and look younger
  • Fight depression and anxiety
  • Improve your sexual performance
  • Improve memory and cognition

Declining levels of testosterone puts men over 35 at a greater risk of developing diabetes It also increases their risk for developing other age related diseases.

Men between 35 and 55 should have their testosterone levels tested. This test can determine if they’ll benefit from testosterone replacement therapy.

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