What are the Side Effects of Testosterone Gels?

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Testosterone is a hormone that is produced by the testes in men, and is also produced in women in small amounts. But not all men can produce this hormone adequately, which results in certain medical condition called Andropause – the male menopause – otherwise known as Low T. This is when one needs to use a testosterone gel.

What is testosterone gel?

It is used by men who are incapable of producing adequate amounts of the testosterone hormone due to damaged testicles or other such reasons. It is used to treat the medical conditions that arise from the lack of the hormone. It is not generally prescribed for use by women, however. And though it has its benefits, it doesn’t come without its share of side effects. There is also a danger of transfer on to other people (women, kids) on whom it would have highly adverse effects.

Side Effects of the Gel

Here are some of the common side effects of using testosterone gel:

If acne is present in the person using the gel, the condition may get worse, or if the person doesn’t have acne, the condition might be produced. Headache, nausea, anxiety, and dizziness are also caused in some people. Change in sex drive, hostility, and trouble in sleeping are also common. Some people also get enlarged prostate which causes urinary disorders and testicular disorders.

Enlargement of breast tissue in men, which is called gynecomastia, can also be observed. Heart problems are also increased by the use of testosterone gel. Fluid retention or edema can also be caused, which worsens the heart problems. These side effects for the most part appear if the dose is too high. A simple reduction in dose of testosterone gel can reverse any issues.

Effects on Women

If women come in contact with the gel knowingly or unknowingly, it can cause a lot of adverse effects in them. It can result in masculine traits like deepening of voice and hair growth in inappropriate places or balding in women. The skin becomes oily. Sexual changes can also be observed. The growth of the clitoris can also be caused, which is a phenomenon that is not reversible. Breasts and uterus can reduce in size and natural menstruation may come to an end.

It may also increases risk of cancer in breast and uterus. It is very dangerous for women to come in direct contact with testosterone gels. However, the testosterone levels may fall in the women after the age of 40 years. Using small amounts of testosterone gel may actually be beneficial for women on the condition that sufficient amount of estrogen is also produced. It increases sex drive, energy and improves mood in women.

What happens when kids come into contact with testosterone?

Male kids develop mature sexual characteristics much earlier than naturally possible. Female kids develop male sexual characteristics rather than female traits. Distended genitalia, amplified libido, and growth of pubic hair can also be caused. Other side effects include aggressiveness and aging of bones. Children may accidentally come in contact with the gel if an adult holds them with unwashed hands.

Also, children are at a greater risk of coming in contact with the gel if it is used on body parts where it should not be applied. Children’s skin surface area is much larger in proportion with their bodies, as compared to adults. This makes them more prone to the side effects of the gel.

Mostly, the effects go away after the contact with the gel has been eliminated. But the problem of the distended genitalia cannot be solved. So children must be kept safe from it at any cost. If you use testosterone gel please be aware of transferring the medication in to kids!