How Can I Purchase Testosterone Legally?

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Testosterone therapy via injections, and in what is known as a ‘cycle’ of prolonged usage, requires a prescription by a qualified medical professional. Even orally administered testosterone, along with testosterone creams, patches and pellets, all require a prescription.

Correct usage with prescription

There are two primary methods by which testosterone is administered legally. The first is called Androgen Replacement Therapy, typically referred to as Testosterone Replacement Therapy – TRT and the second, Pharmacological Androgen Therapy.

When one is discussing how to buy testosterone legally, it is important to understand that only once a patient displays physiological and psychological symptoms relating to hypogonadism and testosterone deficiency, can a doctor prescribe a testosterone therapy cycle.

Androgen replacement therapy

Testosterone or androgen deficiency is typically caused by disorders relating to the hypothalamus, the pituitary, or the testes. These disorders may be genetic or etiological. Hypogonadism is a condition of low testosterone levels that translates into symptoms of increased weight gain, reduction in muscle mass, low bone densities, reduced quality of life, and reduced libido. Testosterone inducement through androgen replacement therapy has the capacity to replicate an outcome equivalent to that of someone with healthy levels of the hormone.

In the cases of some patients, certain factors like family planning cause men to undergo certain procedures which suppress the production and secretion of testosterone (Vasectomies). Even temporary measures like hormonal contraception and withdrawal result in a reduction of endogenous testosterone production and cause symptoms mimicking that of hypogonadism. Research is being conducted into the creation of a compound that combats this phenomenon without causing any other side effects.

Klinefelter syndrome is a primary form of androgen deficiency. Studies indicate that only a small percentage of men with this condition are diagnosed and treated with testosterone therapy. Men, in general, are reluctant or indifferent to the idea of a genital examination causing them to ignore their symptoms and attribute the cause elsewhere. These people are also eligible for androgen replacement therapy. These are all methods of buying testosterone legally.

Pharmacological androgen therapy

This kind of testosterone therapy differs from ART (Androgen Replacement Therapy) in that it may not be administered within a fixed frequency or cycle. It is used to combat low levels of hemoglobin, renal, cardiac or respiratory failure, increased bone and muscle density, and in some cases even reducing chances of cancer. It also differs from ART in that it is shown to cause an increased quality of life and without the risk of hypomania (present in ART).

Illegal usage

Testosterone, known for its capacity to reduce fat mass and increase muscle mass and strength, is a highly attractive proposition for athletes such as body-builders. There are many laboratories and agencies that develop testosterone based drugs to be sold illegally on the black market. The only method by which this kind of distribution and consumption can be curbed is by constant vigilance in the field of sport through randomized and frequent doping examinations.

Beyond just athletes and sports persons, testosterone may have much value to several others in professions that demand muscularity. Police officers, security personnel, bouncers, etc. may indulge in illegal use of the drug in order to boost muscle mass and reduce weight.

While there exist many external agencies that attempt to monitor the usage and prescription of testosterone-based drugs, the onus lies on the doctor to act ethically and diagnose patients effectively, not to mention that he needs to inform patients of how to buy testosterone legally. The doctor is as responsible as the patient or the user, in being informed, and in discouraging the abuse of these forms of therapy.