Why Men Need Testosterone

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What happens to middle-aged men when testosterone declines?

A drop in testosterone has several negative effects on a man’s health. A few effects of low testosterone levels are:

  • The most common and well-documented effect of low testosterone levels is the decrease in libido. Since testosterone plays an important role in male fertility, its deficiency can cause men to lose their libido as well as reproductive capability. Some other common problems among middle-aged men that can be attributed to low testosterone levels are infertility and increased fatigue
  • Another big impact of testosterone decrease is hair loss. Loss of hair among men can occur at any time after the age of 30 or even sooner. Hair loss has a tremendous psychological effect on men as a health head of hair is associated with vigor and vitality. Remember Samson?
  • Lack of testosterone also has psychological effects on middle-aged men. Many middle-aged men suffer from depression and mood swings due to the decrease in testosterone levels with age. Irritability and a tendency to forget things are also seen among middle-aged men, due to low testosterone levels.

 What is “Low-T”?

Simply put, Low T is a decrease in testosterone levels. This condition affects many men once they reach their 30s and 40s. Common symptoms of Low T are decreased energy levels, fatigue, decreased libido and depression.

Low T can cause several health problems such as infertility, erectile dysfunction and even osteoporosis. Also, low testosterone levels reduce stamina as well as immunity and the natural healing ability of the body.

Frequent fatigue, increased hair loss and lack of sex drive should prompt a trip to your doctor. A simple test can confirm whether testosterone levels have decreased and your doctor can suggest lifestyle changes, medical treatments and/or psychotherapeutic solutions for the problem.

How does testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) improve a man’s quality of life?

Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is a type of treatment for low testosterone levels. Since testosterone is the main male reproductive hormone, it plays a key role in the overall health and fitness of a man.

Low levels of testosterone can have a negative impact on libido, stamina and fitness. Some of the benefits that TRT has on the quality of life of men with low testosterone levels are:

  • An increase in libido and improved fertility
  • Decrease in depression and mood swings
  • Hhigher energy levels and increased stamina
  • A higher metabolic rate which aids in weight loss and helps prevent weight gain
  • Thicker and increased hair growth
  • Better heart health and less chances of heart disease
  • Increase in overall fitness and endurance levels which help in weight training and cardio
  • Stronger bones due to an increase in bone density. TRT also helps prevent osteoporosis as sufficient testosterone levels ensure good bone health.

Not too long ago, it was very difficult or a man to get treated for Low T. In fact, low testosterone was not considered an issue by many medical professionals. Today, there are many doctors and age management or anti-aging clinics that offer testosterone therapy.

If you are thinking about using testosterone make sure you find a provider that is established and has a good track record of treating men. The doctor you work with must have experience and have the required qualifications.