Miami Doctors Seeing More Cases of Low Testosterone in Men

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Testosterone therapy in Miami seems to become more and more popular among the baby boomer population in South Florida. Several hormone replacement doctors report the positive results patients are enjoying with their therapies.

Miami, FL – July 25, 2014 – Doctors in Miami say they are seeing an increase in men coming in with symptoms of low testosterone.

The condition, known as Low Testosterone, affects approximately 14 million men across the U.S. Low testosterone levels can cause a number of problems that chisel away a man’s performance and appearance. Often times a deficiency in testosterone is a side effect of other issues like obesity and diabetes.

The condition can be treated a number of ways, including injections, surgically implanted pellets and gels applied to the skin. AAG doctors say most treatments are not covered by insurance yet AAG Health has seen a surge in men who want to get testosterone therapy and are willing to pay out of pocket.

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