Low Testosterone and How to Fix It

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Low testosterone, or Low-T, is in the back of every man’s mind. It’s a very familiar issue, but not many know what to do about it or whether they even have the issue.

low testosterone in menTestosterone contributes to many different aspects of the male body, including a low or deep voice, body hair, facial hair, bigger muscles, and the overall difference in the body structure between men and women.

Not only does testosterone contribute to a lot of superficial attributes, but it also determines sexual maturity and performance.

Low-T is something that men over 35 hear and worry about a lot.

This isn’t a deficiency that should be ignored. It’s the contributing factor to the center of a man’s whole stereotypical experience. Below, you’ll find information about what to do to prevent and treat low testosterone.

Diagnosis and Treatment

Low testosterone is the diagnosis, but now what? Once someone has received a diagnosis, it can be very confusing about what to do next. There are hundreds of treatment options, and they can range from complicated to simple. According to the medical team at HealthGAINS, one of the best options for low-T is Testosterone Therapy .

Low testosterone is something that can change a lot and can easily be remedied. Picking up a healthy set of steps and habits, like diet and exercise, can help to alleviate symptoms of low testosterone while also improving your overall health. Throughout the treatment, the doctor will lay out a variety of steps and options.

Therapy Process for Low Testosterone

Testosterone therapy at HealthGAINS is a part of a medically supervised health and wellness program.

low testosterone appointment with doctor

The patient is monitored constantly through their individualized testosterone replacement therapy and other activities.

For the first part of the treatment, the patient will receive a testosterone dose, which varies based on each person.

The doctor will customize the dose to each individual.

This is not simply a one-time injection; it’s a lifestyle change.

Testosterone therapy simply replaces the testosterone that a person lacks in the body.

It does not stimulate the production, so continual treatment may be necessary. The second part of the treatment involves diet, exercise, and other methods to prevent low testosterone.

Is Testosterone Therapy the Right Call for Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone can be daunting, but the treatment is safe and very effective. It increases the levels of testosterone quickly and simply.

There are also other tricks and tips given through therapy that can help too, such as getting a recommended amount of sleep, eating different foods, and taking daily multivitamins. If you are a fan of exercising, HIIT, or High-Intensity Interval Training, might be perfect.

The High-Intensity Interval Training can increase the production of testosterone via the body instead of taking a supplemental dosage.

If you are interested or curious, schedule an appointment here. Talking with an expert will secure your decision and quell your concerns. Find out if testosterone therapy is right for you.