What is a Good Brand of Testosterone?

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Low testosterone levels also lead to loss in muscle mass, changes in level of cholesterol in the body, and even a drop in the hemoglobin levels. To prevent these changes, and any other complications that occur, testosterone treatments are often recommended by medical practitioners.

There are several testosterone brands, generic alternatives and compounded versions on the market today. Testosterone is available in injectable, gel/cream, patch, pill and pellet form, so care should be taken to choose one that is best for you.

The Best Testosterone Brands in Market

The number of testosterone brands out there in the market is not small. Considering the usefulness of this hormone and the demand it has a number of pharmaceutical companies have come up with their own version of the hormone in various forms.

Among the different brands available today, some may be from popular and reliable companies, and the others could be from new companies. Some testosterone is compounded by local pharmacies who have a compounding license. You also have to consider what form the testosterone comes in. Injections, creams, patches, pills and pellets are all types that may come in brand form from major pharmaceutical companies.

You may wonder – can the quality of a hormone differ from one brand to another? The answer is yes, it can. The difference lies in the process by which the chemical is produced, and most importantly the ingredients used in the process. The ingredients greatly affect the purity of the hormone.

While some use natural, harmless ingredients, some may have additives, preservatives and fillers that can have adverse effects on the person taking them. That is why the testosterone brand you choose can make a lot of difference in terms of its effectiveness. Along with the brand, the esters of the injectable hormone variation you choose should also be considered.

There are many testosterone brands available in the U.S market today. Testosterone Enanthanate, an injectable form of testosterone procurable only through prescription, and sold under the name Delatestryl.

Testosterone Cypionate, another variation and the most popular, is also an injectable and is produced by Actavis and Watson Pharmaceuticals. Depo Testosterone by Pfizer is another popular brand of testosterone cypionate.

The more concentrated, injectable form of testosterone, Testosterone Propionate is sold under the brand names Everone, Tesamone, and Testro through prescription. However, this type of injectable testosterone in not typically prescribed by physicians.

Other commonly found testosterone gels, creams or patches sold in the U.S.A via prescription are Androgel produced by Abbott Laboratories, Axiron produced by Eli Lilly and Co., Testim produced by Auxilium Pharmaceuticals, and Androderm also produced by Actavis.