Dr. E. Barry Gordon on Testosterone Deficiency in Women

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Dr. E. Barry Gordon, author of “Get Well, Stay Well,” has published an informative book on testosterone deficiency. Calling it the “Hidden Disease.” he refers to testosterone deficiency as a major health risk for women as well as men.

We hear a lot about testosterone deficiency, or “low T,”  in men these days. Less attention is given to the same problem in women.  Dr. Gordon discusses some of the ways in women suffer from this condition. Testosterone is anabolic in both sexes, meaning that it stimulates body growth, muscle and bone strength, and sexual desire. He states that in women as well as men, a deficiency in testosterone is fatal, although it leads to death so slowly it has yet to be fully recognized and appreciated by the medical community.

Dr. Gordon states that there is ample evidence linking testosterone deficiency to congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, peripheral vascular, senility, depression and reduced life span. He goes one step further and suggests that testosterone deficiency may cause or worsen conditions such as recurrent miscarriages, asthma, and other lung diseases. He hypothesizes that, while cortisone weakens the immune system, testosterone has the opposite effect. A deficiency, therefore, might predispose women to certain gynecological cancers and breast cancer. It could also play a role in osteoarthritis, which is a common problem in older women.

He has seen testosterone replacement benefit many women by reducing anxiety and panic attaches, lessening the frequency of chronic headaches, shrinking fibroids, eliminating vaginitis and dryness, and lessening menstrual cramps. It also makes women look younger, which is a welcome effect in addition to its more critical health benefits. He notes that many women in their twenties, thirties and forties exhibit a classic triad of testosterone deficiency: chronic fatigue, depression, and loss of sexuality.

Testosterone therapy is not a matter of simply making women, or men for that matter, feel better. It involves the replacement of a vital hormone that is essential to health and wellness. Women, as well as men, are affected by testosterone deficiency. The proper kind of treatment, generally with injections, relieves a multitude of health conditions that destroy quality of life and reduce life span.

If you’d like to read more about this topic, Dr. Gordon’s book “Testosterone Deficiency, The Hidden Disease,” is available through online booksellers.

One caveat, however – In our opinion, Dr. Gordon does not give enough importance to other hormones, such as HGH, in overall health and wellness. Testosterone replacement alone fails to achieve optimum health benefits. This is why AAG Health and Wellness looks at hormone replacement therapy as a comprehensive, integrated medical model, instead of viewing testosterone alone as a complete cure-all.