Low T and Insulin – Can it Lead to New Diabetes Treatments?

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We know that there is a definitive link between Low T (low testosterone) and men who have Type 2 diabetes. In fact, men who have diabetes are twice as likely to also have low testosterone as men without diabetes. We cannot categorically say if Low T causes diabetes, or vice versa. But, we do know that each condition, increases the risk and occurrence of the other.

Furthermore, new research has shown that men who receive testosterone therapy, can better manage diabetes. This suggests that testosterone therapy can have a positive impact on men with diabetes.

Diabetes and Low T Treatments

Low T and New Diabetes TreatmentsWe know that men with Low T, tend to be insulin resistant. Insulin resistance leads to increased levels of glucose in the blood, or high “blood sugar.” In men who are insulin resistant, this increased glucose in the blood can lead to diabetes, and other complications such as cardiovascular disease.

Men with Low-T are at a greater risk of developing it, than men with normal testosterone levels, because of this insulin resistance. Since we are aware of this link, we do use testosterone therapy as a direct treatment.

Instead it’s uses as a complementary treatment to men with both Low T and type 2 diabetes.

When used along with the usual treatments, such as lifestyle changes and medications, men who receive testosterone therapy show a significant drop in blood glucose levels. The decrease is more so than in men who do not receive testosterone replacement, and rely on insulin and diet alone.

Recently, researchers with the University of Buffalo conducted a typical double blind trial, to study the impact of testosterone therapy on men with Type 2 diabetes. The men treated with testosterone showed increases in insulin sensitivity by more than 30%!

In addition, the men who received testosterone treatments showed increases in lean muscle mass, and decreases in fat.

We know that losing fat, and adding muscle is a way to better manage, or even eliminate diabetes.

Testosterone Therapy for Low T

The relationship between Low T and Type 2 diabetes is the kind of “chicken and egg” paradox we run into quite often in medicine. We know the two are linked, but it is very hard to say of Low T “causes” it, or if it “causes” Low T.

It probably goes both ways. What we do know for sure is that there are lot of lifestyle issues (i.e. poor diet and obesity) that influence both conditions. We also know that once your testosterone levels begin to drop, it can put your on a downward spiral of poor health, that can be very hard to climb up out of without help!

Low T and diabetesTestosterone replacement therapy can help to start moving you back up in the right direction!

With testosterone optimization therapy, not only will you lower your risk of diabetes, you can also:

  • Increase your strength and energy
  • Improve your sex life
  • Build new muscle mass
  • Burn fat more like when you were younger
  • Achieve better sleep habits
  • Improve cognition, memory and focus

Men with diabetes often experience erectile dysfunction or ED. The popular ED medications such as Viagra, are not indicated for men with diabetes. Testosterone replacement is a good alternative for men with diabetes and sexual dysfunction issues.

Declining levels of testosterone put you at greater risk for devolving diabetes, ED, and other “age related” conditions. If you are over 35, you are likely already experiencing some of the symptoms of your testosterone level dropping.

If you are between the ages of 35 and 55, and are just not feeling like “the man you once were, come in for a free evaluation. You could be a candidate for testosterone replacement therapy.

Have you or anyone you know tried Hormone Replacement Therapy? What were the results?

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