5 Warning Signs Your Testosterone Levels Are Getting Low

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Over the past 30 years, many doctors have focused on a woman’s loss of estrogen at menopause, and were not much concerned about hormone problems in their male patients. But medical experts are starting to recognize that declining testosterone can pose health risks and ruin quality of life in men.

“It’s normal for testosterone levels in men to decrease over time, and until recently we never worried about it too much,” says Frank Welch M.D. Medical Director at AAG Health in Miami, Florida. “But then research showed us that low testosterone and other declining hormones like low HGH can cause low sex drive, bad mood, poor body composition and other medical problems.”

Here are Dr. Welch’s 5 top warning signs of declining testosterone. He cautions that poor lifestyle along with medical conditions, such as heart disease and obesity, can cause these symptoms, so you should consult your doctor if you are suffering from any of them.

1. Weakness: After ruling out other problems losing muscular strength is an indication of low T. “If you no longer have the strength to swing a golf club or tennis racket for the same length of time you used to, or even perform basic chores and home improvements, this can be a sign of a declining T level” said Dr. Welch.

2. Depression: Low testosterone can cause men to suffer terrible depression, says Dr. Welch. “I’ve often seen men who for years have been treated for depression find their mood and well-being lift once the testosterone level is optimized.” he added.

3. Fatigue: “This is a general feeling of tiredness or lack of energy that’s out of the ordinary. It’s a lackluster feeling of having no get-up-and go and causes problems with family and work. Fatigue manifests in several ways. Don’t feel like playing catch with the kids? Taking the dog out for a walk, or having sex with your partner? Could be low T” says Dr. Welch.

4. Low Sex Drive: “A man’s sex drive peaks at 18, and then gradually declines. There is a lot of variation, but if he wanted to have sex two or three times a week, and suddenly, that’s declined to once a month or even less often, that could be an indication of low testosterone,” he said.

5. Erectile dysfunction: “I see a lot of men with true erectile dysfunction, and testosterone therapy can help them to perform,” he said. ED medications, such as Viagra and Cialis, can be used in the short term until testosterone therapy takes effect, he added.