Start Your Day With a Testosterone Boost!

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It has been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. That is true for many reasons. For men, the right kind of breakfast can also help to start you day with a testosterone boost!

In no particular order, here are five healthy breakfast items that can also boost your testosterone for additional strength and focus throughout your day.

Breakfast Foods that Give a Testosterone Boost


All testosterone boost at breakfasteggs contain vitamin D. Vitamin D is a necessary precursor to testosterone production.
In addition, egg yolks contain fat, “good” cholesterol, and several essential amino acids and proteins that can also help to raise your testosterone levels. Stick with organic, free range eggs to avoid ingesting hormones which can hurt your testosterone levels.


Greek yogurt has high amounts of protein as well as high levels of magnesium and calcium. Calcium and magnesium are two nutrients that are closely linked to maintaining healthy testosterone levels. Avoid the added sugar in ordinary flavored yogurts. Stick with the non-sweetened, all-natural Greek yogurt as a healthy source of dairy for your testosterone boost.


Whole milk, like eggs, also contains a lot of vitamin D, as well as protein and calcium. If you are concerned about the calories of whole milk, you can go with 1% or skimmed, the protein and vitamin D is the same. Either way choose organic, again to avoid hormones or other testosterone lowering contaminants.


The caffeine in your morning Joe can do more than perk you up. Recent studies have found that caffeine helps to boost testosterone levels, and can combat erectile dysfunction


You may not usually think of beef as a breakfast food, and your overall consumption of red meat should be minimized. However, occasional “steak and eggs” is a power packed breakfast as far as testosterone production goes. It is a one-two punch loaded with protein and other nutrients that provide a testosterone boost. Again, opt for organic, for the reasons already stated.

Testosterone Boost with Testosterone Therapy

We know that once you are over 20, your testosterone levels start a steady decline. Once you are over 35, you can really begin to feel the effects of this drop-off, but testosterone therapy can help.

While you can take steps to boost your testosterone, like eating right and exercising often, sometimes you just cannot make up on your own for what time and nature take away.

If you are experiencing any of the following, you may be suffering from low testosterone, also known as “Low T.”

  • testosterone boost for Low TReduced sex drive, and or erectile dysfunction
  • A loss of vitality
  • Increased weight gain, particularly increases in belly fat
  • Loss of energy
  • Loss of lean muscle mass
  • Depression, anxiety and/or mood swings

If you think you have Low T, testosterone therapy might give you the testosterone boost you need. Contact our offices today, and ask about our exclusive membership programs, with guaranteed results!