Does Testosterone Therapy Cause Heart Problems?

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Testosterone therapy is a godsend for men who try it. However, there was a recent study that found an association between testosterone therapy and an increased risk of heart disease. This study was far from conclusive; the lack of medical followup was astounding. Other studies have shown that testosterone therapy is safe and effective when supervised by a physician.

At AAG health, you can rest easy knowing that we have top medical professionals supervising your program throughout its course. Instead of focusing on unfounded studies, focus on the positive results that thousands of men and women have experienced on testosterone therapy:

Increased Energy: One of the main reasons that men are prescribed testosterone replacement therapy is because they are suffering from a lack of energy. Men who do not have enough testosterone in their bodies will feel tired and sluggish most of the time; getting some added testosterone is like receiving an instant energy boost.

More Muscle and Less Fat: Another of the wonderful benefits of taking testosterone is that it encourages the growth of muscle while encouraging fat loss at the same time. These benefits are why weightlifters and professional athletes like to take testosterone to get stronger and improve their performances. Men who start to take testosterone will find that they get better results from the time they spend in the gym.

Lower Cholesterol: The ironic thing about the study that suggested that testosterone therapy can be damaging to the heart is that it is actually quite beneficial to heart health. Men who take testosterone therapy have been shown to have low levels of testosterone.

Stronger Bones: One of the major problems that aging men face is the weakening of their bones. As well as fighting it with strength training, men can greatly increase the strength in their bones when they receive testosterone therapy; your risk of osteoporosis is lowered.

Improved Focus: There are many factors that make it harder for people to think as they age, but one of the primary factors in aging men is a lack of testosterone production. Lower levels of testosterone have been shown to reduce focus and cognitive abilities especially in older men. Men who are having trouble concentrating as they age should look into the ability of testosterone therapy to help them regain their cognitive abilities.