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Angelina Jolie Discusses Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Angelina Jolie Discusses Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy

Monday, 6 April, 2015 | Comments (1)

In a recent interview, Angelina Jolie admitted her recent decision to use bio-identical hormones. She found a mutation of the BRCA1 gene, which has been linked to a high likelihood of developing both breast and ovarian cancer. The mutation increases the chances of a woman developing breast cancer by almost 90%, and of ovarian cancer by […]

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Bio Identical Hormone Therapy for Men

Tuesday, 23 December, 2014 | Comments (0)

Richard Gaines, M.D., FAARM, ABAARM If you are a man from your late 30s to your mid-40s, you have likely seen one or more of the women in your life go through the roller-coaster ride of symptoms that come with the “Change of Life,” or menopause. But did you know that men also go through […]

Hormone Replacement Therapy and Your Love Life

Hormone Replacement Therapy & Your Love Life

Friday, 29 August, 2014 | Comments (4)

It’s common to think of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) as a treatment for the physical symptoms of both male and female sexual dysfunction. For men that can be erectile issues, for women, problems with decreased sensitivity, or painful intercourse. However, when it comes to human sexuality, it is not only physical. Overall sexual wellness encompasses […]

Bio-identical Hormones

What Are Bio-identical Hormones? (BHRT)

Thursday, 28 March, 2013 | Comments (0)

Never heard of bio-identical hormones? You’re missing out on one of the keys to better health. Women going through menopause are turning to bio-identical hormones to overcome annoying symptoms and restore their quality of life.

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Thursday, 28 March, 2013 | Comments (0)

Bio-identical hormone therapy for women is an effective way to battle menopause symptoms. If you’ve been experiencing mood swings, hot flashes or low energy, then this blog is for you.