5 Most Common Supplements to Improve Sexual Health

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Open any lifestyle magazine today, or visit any website that appeals to “baby boomers” and you will likely be bombarded by ads for supplements designed to enhance or improve your sex life.

Men in particular can hardly open their emails without their inboxes being flooded with various sexual supplements, offering everything from erectile dysfunction drugs, to increases in length and girth. But do any of them work?

Sexual Supplements – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Sexual supplements are big business. They are a testament to the desire of both men and women to enjoy a healthy and active sex life well into their senior years. Also, being health conscious, these same folks looking for a boost to the libido, are interested in non-prescription, more natural methods than pharmaceuticals.

However, when it comes to sexual supplements the truth is, there are some that do work, some that are useless, and others that can be down right dangerous. Sexual supplements are not new.

Centuries before the discovery of Viagra, men suffering from erectile dysfunction, or anyone seeking improved libido, have used everything from dried and powered rhino horn, to horny goat weed for a needed lift.

Most of these folk medicine aphrodisiacs and sexual dysfunction cures amounted to little more than snake oil.

Today, as in ancient times, there are several herbs that are used as sexual supplements alone, and in combinations.

5 Most Common Supplements for Better Sexual Health

1. Ginseng
2. Black Cohosh
3. L-arginine
4. Gingko
5. Yohimbe

While there is some research, and anecdotal evidence for the effectiveness of some of the more modern sexual supplements, Steven Lamm MD, a New York University researcher and author of the Hardness Factor, reports that

“No herbal remedy can restore erections like Viagra and its prescription counterparts.”

Lamm does go on to say in his book however, that “these remedies may be appropriate for men who have experienced a decline in sexual performance but do not suffer from a diagnosable sexual problem.”

Dangerous Supplements

no-supplementsThere have also been recent reports of dangerous sexual supplements. The FDA recently issued a warning about the over-the-counter supplement, O.M.G, which is marketed as “all natural,” with “no side effects,” but was found to contain sildenafil, the active ingredient in the prescription drug Viagra.

Sildenafil has many known side-effects, and can be dangerous for men taking other medications containing nitrates.

The point really is, rather than turning to methods that are untested or unproven at best, to worthless or dangerous at worst, men or women with sexual wellness issues should seek the advice of qualified age management professionals. Only through proper analysis and diagnostics, can doctors get at the root of your sexual issues, and then prescribe the most effective treatments for your individual needs and lifestyle.


Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

For example, for men, low-testosterone could be the reason for sexual dysfunction, and testosterone replacement therapy, or other hormone optimization therapies may be indicated. For women, decreased libido could also be the result of one or more low hormone issues, and hormone replacement therapy may also be indicated. Men or women, once properly diagnosed may also benefit from new and emerging, all natural treatments such as Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

It is important for men or women suffering with decreased libido or other sexual wellness issues, not be embarrassed, and to be willing to speak to their medical professionals. Not only because of the many safe and effective treatment options now available, but also because a decreased sex drive, or erectile dysfunction, could be indicative of some other more severe medical conditions.