Benefits of Anti-Oxidants

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Anti-oxidants are defined as substances that prevent oxidation of other molecules. These are the essential vitamins and nutrients that prevent the normal process of oxidation from damaging the cell tissue in the body.

Oxidation reaction generally produces free radicals in the body, which in turn can cause chain reactions that damage the cells. Damage of cells can result in diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, and rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to that, free radicals also speed up aging. Antioxidants prevent the chain reactions that damage the cells.

Types of Anti-Oxidant supplements

Antioxidants are nutrients with specific anti-oxidation functions. They can be in the form of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and flavonoids. Vitamins that play a major role in the oxidation process include vitamin A, B, C, D and K. These vitamins are helpful in offsetting the chain reaction that the oxidation process can trigger and are found in several fresh foods, especially fruits and vegetables.

Magnesium, zinc and selenium are among the minerals that have anti-oxidant properties. These minerals are mainly found in fish and poultry, and also in a few vegetables and fruit. These antioxidants also have anti-inflammatory properties and protect you against infection.

Flavonoids with antioxidant properties include xanthohumol, genistein and quercetin. While genistein is an isoflavone obtained from soy, xanthohumol is present in beer and hops, and quercetin is found in fruit skins.

Why adults should take Anti-Oxidants?

Anti-oxidants play a major role in preventing cell tissue damage, in turn decreasing the chances of disease. Also, free radicals, which form in the body naturally, can multiply due to other factors such as pollution, alcohol, smoking etc. Research revealed that increased intake of antioxidants, mainly Vitamin C, can help in strengthening the muscles in aging people.

Also, antioxidants in vitamin C and E also help in healing wounds faster, while the antioxidant properties in minerals like selenium and carotenoids fight against cancers in colon, mouth and stomach. The best way to get the required dose of anti-oxidants is to device a diet rich in anti-oxidizing agents.

Why are Anti-Oxidants good for anti-aging?

Anti-oxidants are highly popular as anti-aging supplements, and not without reason. Oxidation gives rise to free radicals that attack the electrons. Of the electrons, collagen is the most likely target of these free radicals.

This leads to collagen breakdown that results in formation of lines, wrinkles and sagging skin. Anti-oxidants fight these free radicals that can make you look older than you are. That is why a number of anti-aging creams have antioxidants among the ingredients. That is not to say that antioxidants prevent you from aging. When there is sufficient intake of anti-oxidants, the aging process slows down and your skin will have a youthful and healthy look.