What Women Should Know About Erectile Dysfunction

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When you think of erectile dysfunction, of course, you think of men. However, for men involved in a heterosexual relationship, erectile dysfunction, or ED, isn’t only a male problem.

If a woman is involved in a relationship with a man suffering from ED, it becomes her problem too. Since ED is not a one-sided issue, a better understanding of the problem by women, can help them to better help their partners.

First of all, most women tend to think that ED is a problem that only effects “old men,” so when they see it someone younger, they immediately suspect something is seriously wrong with their man, or their relationship. However, this is a common misconception by men as well as women. The truth is, recent surveys have found that 1 in every 4 men seeking help for ED is under 40. The number of younger males experiencing erectile dysfunction is probably even higher, because that statistic only takes into account men who actually seek help. I suspect that ED in young males often goes unreported due to the stigma attached to the condition.

The other big misconception that many women have when it comes to ED is that the problem is mainly emotional, not physical. They think if their man can’t perform, it’s “their fault”, that their partners no longer find them attractive, or that they are having an affair. While emotional factors, particularly stress, can contribute to ED, usually there is an underling health issue causing the problem.

Once you come to realize that ED isn’t all “in a man’s head,” you can stop blaming yourself, and also understand that there are ways to solve the problem – and you can help.

How You Can Help Your Partner

Oral Erectile Dysfunction MedicationFirst and foremost, if your man is having trouble in the bedroom, do not let him ignore it. Most situations of ED involve a reduction of blood flow to the penis. There are several underlying health conditions that may contribute to restrictions in blood flow, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease. ED may be the first sign that your partner may have one of these conditions, so urge him to see a doctor.

Also, be sure he sees someone that specializes in male sexual wellness issues. Such a practitioner, not only will be able to get to the root of his erectile difficulties, but offer the best treatment options for his lifestyle and your sex life.

Most general practitioners, when confronted with a patient with ED, will merely prescribe Viagra, or one of the other common oral ED medications. While ED drugs can be effective, they are not right for everybody, and can be downright dangerous for men taking certain drugs or suffering from some particular medical conditions.

Furthermore, oral ED medications, may help with the immediate problem of obtaining and maintaining an erection, but will do nothing to effect the underlying health condition that could be causing the ED, should there be one.

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

Now, when it comes to treatments for erectile dysfunction, you can also play a major role. A spouse or partner can often be instrumental in getting a guy to seek treatment, and/or make important lifestyle changes that can help the situation. Your input on your sex life, frequency, preferred methods of arousal and satisfaction, etc., can help your sexual wellness counselor determine the best treatments.

Treatments for ED include the aforementioned oral ED medications, such as Cialis, Viagra and Levitra, TriMix injections, surgical procedures, and breakthrough new treatments that involve Platelet Rich Plasma therapy.

Erectile Dysfunction and Male Enhancement

 Erectile Dysfunction and Male EnhancementWomen, and men alike often also lump erectile dysfunction together with a desire for “male enhancement.” There is absolutely no correlation between penis size, and the ability to maintain or achieve an erection. Men with penises of all sizes and shapes can have a problem with ED.

Some men and women mistakenly believe that oral ED treatments, will also provide some degree of male enhancement. That is not true.

However, there is one, and only one, ED treatment available that can provide both relief of ED symptoms, as well as add noticeable length and thickness to the penis.

It involves the use of Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP. PRP uses stem cells and the growth factors in a man’s own blood to create a formula that will increase blood flow to the penis, as well as stimulate the growth of new cells.

PRP for sexual wellness as in my proprietary Gains Enhancement for Men is the only proven medical procedure that can deliver both a solution for erectile dysfunction, as well as, male enhancement.

Men who have used the Gains Enhancement report increases in penis size as much as 1 inch, in a single pain free visit. You simply cannot get the same results with any other non-surgical male enhancement procedure.

Even men without ED, have used the Gains Enhancement to improve their sex-lives, as it provides longer, stronger, harder and easier to sustain erections.

Do you think ED can have a negative impact on relationships?

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