How Sounds Waves Improve Sexual Performance

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I have just started using a remarkable new procedure that uses sounds waves to help men take what is good and make it even better! Here’s how this new sound wave treatment works.

Take my friend Mike as an example. Mike is 55, he is recently divorced and is now ready to return to the dating scene. He was surprised as he started looking at some of the online dating sites, how many women younger then he — in their 20’s and 30’s — were actually interested in his profile.

He contacted me, knowing that I treat men for “sexual wellness issues,” not because as he put it, “I have ED or anything like that, but you know, Doc, I just want to be able to keep up with those younger women…”

I told him about my remarkable new male enhancement procedure that is perfect for men like him who just wants to take his performance to the next level!

Isounds waves for improved sexual performancet is called the GainsWAVE, and it uses sound waves to improve your ability to get and maintain an erection. This is the same technology that Men’s Health Magazine recently called the “New Viagra.”

I told Mike the GainsWAVE is a “secret” that many male adult entertainers use to perform the way they do on screen!

I did not promise him that the treatment will make him perform like them, but I know it is what he is looking for!

Sounds Waves for Better Sexual Performance

Mike is not alone. Many men his age find themselves in new relationships, or just wanting to be their best in existing relationships.

As a physician who treats men with erectile dysfunction, I often get calls from men like Mike, who do not have ED, but just want to perform more like the could in their 20’s. That is what drove me to develop the GainsWAVE treatment.

I have even had men in Mike’s position come to me seeking a prescription for Viagra, for so-called “recreational use.” Let me tell anyone who is thinking of doing so, that is a very dangerous idea! Viagra is a complicated drug, and can have a lot of side effects if it is taken by men who do not really need it.

pulse wave and sound waves therapiesMy GainsWAVE therapy on the other hand, is completely drug free, surgery free, and can help just about any man perform better sexually.

By now, I am sure you are wondering how can sounds waves give you a harder erection? It’s all about blood flow. Basically the pulsed sounds waves stimulate increased blood flow to the penis, by increasing the growth of new blood vessels and improving the flow in existing ones. Good blood flow is essential to erectile function.

Even men who said they had absolutely no problem with their sex lives, were amazed at how much better they were able to perform and satisfy their lovers, after a single GainsWAVE treatment!

Sound Waves and PRP Treatments for Male Enhancement

I also told Mike about how we can combine the GainsWAVE with my other male enhancement procedures such as the Gains Enhancement ®.

sounds waves using GainsWave therapyWe have found that the acoustical wave treatment works even better when it is combined with our proprietary Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment, the Gains Enhancement ®. PRP is made from your own blood, and is full of healing factors and special growth stimulating proteins.

PRP stimulates increased blood flow and the growth of new erectile tissue in the penis. The ingredients in the Gains Enhancement are the only non-surgical male enhancement treatment that have been medically proven to increase penis size!

These effects are enhanced by the application of the GainsWAVE, and vice versa!

Make the right decision like Mike, contact our offices today, for more information about these radical new male enhancement procedures.