PRP and Pulse Wave Therapies Increases Effectiveness

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In my practice I pride myself on finding new and innovative ways to improve the quality of life of my patients, like with Pulse Wave Therapies. We are often among the first to try some novel approaches, such as PRP, or platelet rich plasma therapies, that later become mainstream.

I also am truly excited when we introduce new therapies, that when combined, make each other that much more effective.

We recently added pulse wave therapy as a treatment for ED to our sexual wellness protocols for men. By itself, pulse wave therapy for ED is showing remarkable results. However, I have found that when we can combine the pulse wave therapy with our other proven PRP based male enhancement techniques, such as the P-shot, or the Gains Enhancement, we get even better results!

The anecdotal results we are seeing in our offices, are supported by several studies that have shown the benefits of combining PRP therapies with similar  pulse wave therapies.

PRP and Pulse Wave Therapies

Pulsewave therapies and PRP treatmentsAs the original uses for PRP, the first effective uses of combined PRP therapies came from the worlds of sports medicine and orthopedics. Orthopedists and sports doctors were quite aware of the healing properties of low-frequency sound waves to help speed the repair of tendon and ligament injures.

The first uses of PRP were to treat the same kinds of injuries. PRP is made from your own blood, and is powered by the healing proteins and growth factors concentrated within in it.

When injected into a site of injury, PRP reduces inflammation, increases blood flow, and stimulates tissue regrowth.

Ultrasonic sound waves, and similar techniques such as “extracorporeal shock wave therapy,” or ESWT, have a similar effect in reducing inflammation and stimulating cellular rejuvenation. It was logical to assume that combining the two therapies would have a positive effect. In fact, a 2015 study from China, found that PRP when combined with sound wave therapies could stimulate the regeneration of dead or dying bone.

pulse wave therapiesIt seems that the two therapies are entirely “synergistic” with each helping the other to do its job better. The PRP opens up blood vessels, which enhances the effects of the wave therapy, and, according to the Chinese researchers, the pulsed-waves helped to “push” the growth factors in the PRP deeper into the damaged bone, enhancing their effect.

Prior to this, a 2013 study published by the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons, found that combing PRP with ESWT – a common standalone treatment for Achilles tendinopathy – was more effective at reducing pain and swelling than ESWT alone.

It only stands to reason that these two therapies would have similar positive combined effects when used to treat ED.

Pulse Wave Therapies for ED and The Gains Enhancement

Not every man who I see with erectile difficulties will need both pulse wave therapies and the Gains Enhancement. Clinical trials have shown that ESWT alone can be very effective for some men with ED. However, I have found that when combining the two therapies, results are indeed better.

When the GainsWAVE pulse wave treatment for ED is applied first, prior to administering a P-shot, or the Gains Enhancement, I find that the PRP treatment takes effect quicker and lasts longer. I believe this is because the application of the pulse wave therapy when applied first, kind of “prepares the way,” for the PRP injection.

By using the pulse wave therapy first, stem cells and erectile tissue within the penis are already in a stimulated state before the PRP injection. This makes the PRP injection that much more effective.

I think that combining these two therapies together, is going to be the “wave” of the future for treating men with ED.