Why Do Most Men Refuse Erectile Dysfunction Treatments?

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With all the millions of dollars being spent on ad campaigns by the major pharmaceutical companies for their Erectile Dysfunction, or ED drugs, you would think that any man suffering from ED would run immediately to their doctors for treatment.

Despite such prescription medications to treat ED being readily available, it seems that the majority of men with ED, refuse treatment, at least according to a study recently published by the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.

The study, authored by Dr. Kevin McVary, found that

Only one in every four men with ED seeks medical treatment. Dr. McVary conducted what is known as a meta-study, compiling data from 6.2 million men that were diagnosed with ED, and who had private health insurance. McVary, a urologist, published his admittedly surprising results in the October issue of The Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Objection to Oral ED Medications

While McVary’s study was not designed to, nor could it definitively conclude why so many men with ED would choose not to seek treatment, anecdotal evidence from the doctors treating the patients in the study seemed to indicate that the refusals had a lot to do with objections to prescription ED medications.

These objections included issues with:

  • The side effects of oral ED medications
  • The inconvenience of taking a drug
  • The expense of oral ED medications, which most private insurers will not cover
  • Having previously taken an ED drug with disappointing results
  • The idea of taking a drug, which implies something is wrong with them

24Other reasons that men refused treatment ranged from not having a partner, to objection by his partner.

Also patients who are obese, diabetic, or suffering from heart disease, or hypertension, are at a greater risk for Erectile Dysfunction, and these are the very group of men for which oral ED medications are not indicated.

What about Male Enhancement?

Another reason that men refuse ED treatment, could be that the common prescription medications, while effective for impotence, do nothing for “male enhancement,” or to increase penis size. When it comes to sexual wellness, there are many men that have difficulty performing, that also desire increased size. Some men may think that oral prescription ED medications do both, but they do not, so they become disappointed and seek other treatments, or refuse treatment altogether.

All Natural Alternatives for Erectile Dysfunction

While the results of McVary’s study may be surprising to some, I think what it really indicates, is not that men are refusing ED treatments, so much as they are unhappy with the available, or most commonly marketed ED treatments, and are hungry for alternatives.

3In my practice we offer oral ED medications for men who want them, or for whom they are indicated. But we take a more holistic approach to sexual wellness and male enhancement. I will work to find the root cause of your bedroom troubles, and determine why you may be suffering from performance issues, or a diminished sex drive.

Then, we can discuss the many alternative treatments that could help you, from the possibility of Hormone Replacement Therapy, to our own proprietary Gains Enhancement, an all-natural in-office procedure that uses the healing factors in your own blood to improve sexual performance, as well as add length and girth.

It is estimated that nearly 20 million men in America suffer from some form of ED. There is no reason to suffer in silence, or refuse treatment, if you have been “let down,” by oral ED medications, or if you think they are your only alternative.

Do you or someone you know have ED but have refused treatment, if so why? 

Have you tried an ED treatment with disappointing results?

Would you be interested in a drug-free, side-effect free, surgery-free form of male enhancement?

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