The link between Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

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ED (erectile dysfunction) could be caused by stress, but some degree of ED is a normal part of aging. However, ED could also be indicative of an underlying medical condition, like diabetes. If you are experiencing “problems in the bedroom,” it could mean you have diabetes.

A recent study by the University of Toronto, found that men with ED were twice as likely to have diabetes and not know it, then men without ED. Now, I know what you may be saying, “how can I have diabetes and not know it?”

The truth is, men with diabetes can go without symptoms for a long time. And even when they do have symptoms, they can be confused with other things. The most common symptoms of diabetes are feeling tired, or having to pee more often — things that men in the 30s or 40s, may just think are “normal.”

The researchers said, that for many men, the first real noticeable sign of diabetes is ED.

What is the link between ED and Diabetes?

Erectile Dysfunction and DiabetesDiabetes affects blood circulation and nerve function, both of which are vital to getting an erection. So, if you are having trouble in the bedroom, see your doctor. He may want to test you to rule out diabetes as a cause.

Diabetes is determined by testing your blood glucose levels after fasting. Your doctor may be more likely to suspect diabetes is at the cause of your ED if you have a family history of diabetes, or have high blood pressure, or are overweight.

If diabetes or prediabetes is found to be the cause of your ED, your doctor may recommend diet and lifestyle changes that can help with both conditions.

Getting on a diet and exercise regimen designed to control blood sugar and reduce cholesterol, can improve your overall health, including your sexual performance.

However, what if that does not help?

Erectile Dysfunction Treatments for Men With Diabetes

Coping with ED is not fun for any man. But, it can be particular challenging for men with diabetes. The most popular oral ED medications – Viagra, Levitra and Cialis, are usually not recommended for men with Diabetes. These drugs have been prescribed for men with ED and diabetes, but they are not as effective as in men without diabetes.

When ED drugs are not working for men with diabetes, Tri-mix injections, or intracavernous injection therapy is sometimes recommended. Tri-mix is a combination of three ED drugs injected directly into the penis. About 50% of men with diabetes and ED, have gotten positive results with Tri-mix injections

Another injectable option that is much more successful for men with ED and diabetes is the Gains Enhancement.

The Gains Enhancement is an ideal erectile dysfunction treatment for men with diabetes, because it improves blood flow, and is 100% drug free.

gains enhancement for those with Erectile Dysfunction and DiabetesThe Gains Enhancement is advanced stem cell therapy. It is made from your own blood using platelet rich plasma or PRP. PRP concentrates the healing and growth factors found in your own blood into a pain free injection. The stem cells and growth factors in PRP can reverse the very damage to nerves and blood flow caused by diabetes.

After taking a small sample of your blood, a centrifuge is used to separate the specialized stem cells and growth factors from your white and red blood cells.

While ideal for men with diabetes, any man seeking a cure for ED, can benefit from the Gains Enhancement. In fact, there is an added bonus to the treatment.

The Gains Enhancement is the only non-surgical ED treatment that can also increase the length and width of your penis!

Have you or anyone you know ever  tried a sexual wellness treatment, what were the results?

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