ED Drugs not Working? Maybe you are Taking Them Wrong

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There are many popular ED drugs available, but are they working like they should?

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, or ED, one of the first approaches to the problem is to prescribe one of the popular PDE5 inhibitors, such as Viagra, Cialis, or Levitra. These ED drugs have helped many men get over their issues with ED. Yet, there are quite a few men who say that their problems persisted, even after being prescribed one of these oral ED Drugs.

Now, a new study from Spain suggests that for many of these men, the problem could be that they were taking their ED prescription meds incorrectly.

More Education on Use of ED Drugs Needed

ED DrugsThe Study found that almost 70% of the men in their survey who reported that their ED drugs were not working, were taking them wrong.

One of the greatest problems was that men expected to pop the pill, and then just “pop” an erection. When they did not experience that kind of “instant result,” they just assumed the ED drugs “did not work” and stopped using them.

That is not at all how PDE5 inhibitors work. They do not and cannot provide you with a “spontaneous erection.”

You still need to be stimulated, or somehow aroused. Once that happens, then they can help you to get an erection and maintain an erection.

But, in the absence of any visual or physical stimulation, they can do no more than a sugar pill. Other inaccurate ways men used their ED drugs:

  • They took less than the recommended dose
  • They ate a large, or fatty meal before taking the drug. PDE5 inhibitors work best on an empty stomach
  • They initiated sexual activity too soon after taking the medication. These oral ED medications take at least one hour to be their most effective

The conductors of the study felt that most of these errors were being made because doctors prescribing the ED drugs, were not educating their patients enough about their proper use.

After a “re-education” program, the researchers reported more than 70% of the men that said the drugs were failures, now reported more positive results.

Alternative ED Treatments

What if you have been prescribed ED drugs,and you have been taking it properly, and yet, you still feel “let down?” You need to know that even when taken correctly the popular oral ED medications – Viagra, Levitra, and Cialis – are not for everyone.

Some men cannot take them at all, such as men with diabetes, or who are on nitrates for heart disease. Some men find the side effects unpleasant, and then there are a group of men that have tried these ED drugs, and just were not happy with the results.

For these men, or any man seeking alternative ED drugs, there is help available. I have two very effective ED treatments that I have specifically designed.

They are an alternatives to the ED drugs offered by the pharmaceutical companies. If you are able to take those drugs, but have not been satisfied with your results, you may want to try my Gains Enhancement Quick Tabs.

These fast-melting lozenges deliver the same active ingredients as the popular ED drugs,. However, these are a custom compounded formulation that is designed for faster acting, and longer lasting results.

solutions for ED drugsFor those of you who are seeking a more long-term and entirely drug-free cure for ED, I have developed my proprietary Gains Enhancement for Men. The Gains Enhancement uses the healing and growth factors in your own blood to improve your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

In a simple, pain-free office procedure, the Gains Enhancement improves blood flow to your penis and stimulants the growth of new cells.

The Gains Enhancement for men is the only non-surgical, medically proven ED treatment that can improve performance, as well as increase penis size.

Have you or anyone you know tried any “male enhancement” products or treatments? What were the results?

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