What Are the Root Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

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Did you know that oral ED drugs, and most ED treatments do not target the root causes of erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is very common. Fortunately, ED treatments have come a long way. We now have five oral ED medications available: the early introductions – Viagra, Cialis, Levitra – and newer ones – Stendra, Staxyn. However, as popular as the drugs are, they all basically work the same, and not a single one of them addresses the real cause of erectile dysfunction.

In order to really understand what causes ED, you have to first understand just how you get an erection, and maintain a quality erection, in the first place.

The Anatomy of An Erection and the Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Obviously, you and your partner know what an erection looks and feels like. But do you know the processes that occur within your body to achieve a quality erection? It’s a bit more complicated than you might think.Erectile Dysfunction root cause To really understand the root causes of ED, it is useful to understand how “normal” erectile function works.

Let’s start with a little anatomy of the penis. Your penis is made up of three chambers. Two paired chambers on the top, and one on the bottom. The two on the top, which run the length of the shaft, are called the corpora cavernosa. The bottom chamber is called the corpora spongiosum, and it contains the urinary channel, or the urethra. The chambers are each surrounded by an elastic membrane called the tunica albuginea.

The chambers inside the penis are filled with smooth muscle tissue. When the penis is in a flaccid state, the blood vessels that flow through this spongy tissue are small, and the “spaces” are tight and collapsed. That all changes upon stimulation. As you are being visually, physically, and/or emotionally aroused, the process of obtaining an erection begins.

Your brain stimulates the sensitive nerve endings in the penis to release nitric oxide (NO). The release of NO causes the smooth muscles of the corpora cavernosa to relax, which loosens up the sponge like spaces, making them larger and more open. As these spaces expand, blood flows into them, the increased blood flow creates pressure, which in turn causes the erectile tissue of the penis to expand.

Once the spongy tissue is completely filled with blood, a full erection is the result. After orgasm, the process is reversed. A different set of nerves releases epinephrine which makes the muscles contract, which opens channels for the blood to flow out, and restricts the inward blood flow.

As you can see, getting an erection involves a very specific sequence of events. Then, once erection occurs, it is maintained by complex interplay between blood vessels and nerves, stimulated by sexual arousal and activity.

Erectile Dysfunction - the root causeMany things are going on at the same time. Nerves are firing, blood is flowing, arteries are dilating, veins are compressing – a disruption or “malfunction” at any point in the sequence, and you can easily go from “all systems are go,” to “failure to launch.”

That is why there can be many physical or emotional causes for ED. And in fact, most times, it is a combination of both. Problems with ED should never be ignored, because inability to achieve an erection, could be a sign of a more serious medical condition.

Advanced Erectile Dysfunction Treatments

As you have just read, blood flow through the arteries and veins of the penis is essential to achieving and maintaining an erection.  It stands to reason then, that any disease or disorder that impairs blood flow, can lead to ED.

Diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure, are just a few of the conditions that could lead to ED. When conditions such as these go undetected, the older you get the worse they usually get, and that is why ED can often seem to be just a sign of “getting older.”

It is true that your ability to get or maintain an erection does decrease with age. And in fact the most common cause of what could be referred to as “age related” erectile dysfunction, has to do with poor blood circulation.

The vessels that supply the blood to the tissue necessary for good erectile quality, tend to become clogged, or otherwise damaged over time. This is very similar to what happens with coronary arteries leading to heart disease. It is also why men with heart disease, tend to also have issues with ED. It all has to do with ageing, and a lifestyle that leads to plaque buildup in the blood vessels.

Erectile Dysfunction and casuesViagra and the other oral ED drugs can do nothing to unclog or repair these blood vessels. However, there is a radically new treatment that can, which we call the GAINSWave™. The GAINSWave is a kind of extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) for erectile dysfunction.

In ESWT for ED, acoustical waves stimulate the creation of new blood vessels, and can unclog old, damaged vessels.

The resulting improvement in blood flow, achieved by the creation of new blood vessels and the rejuvenation of existing vessels, increases your ability to obtain and sustain an erection.

Similar techniques to the GAINSWave have been used successfully in Europe for years, but we are one of the first to offer this treatment in the US. Why not contact us today to learn more about this remarkable drug-free, surgery-free procedure that attacks the root cause of ED!