Latest Research on Treatments for Peyronie’s Disease

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A new study has found that men who take the prescription drugs (like Xiaflex) as treatments for Peyronie’s disease, do not have their outcomes improved if they also use traction therapy.

Men with Peyronie’s Disease have a curved penis. In some men, the curve does not present any problems. Sometimes their partners even find their curved penis oddly attractive and exciting. However, Peyronie’s disease can also cause ED, or erectile dysfunction, or prevent men from otherwise engaging in normal intercourse, and for these men, a treatment for Peyronie’s is necessary.

treatment for peyronie'sPeyronie’s disease is caused by scar tissue that occurs below the surface of the penis. Until recently the only treatment available for Peyronie’s disease was painful surgery to remove the scar tissue, and correct the curve. In 2014, the FDA approved the drug Xiaflex for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. It can dissolve the scar tissue. After taking the drug, men are instructed to “manually reshape the penis” by hand, to reduce the curve, once the scars have been softened by the medication.

Doctors speculated that traction therapy, another treatment for Peyronie’s which uses “stretching devices” to reduce the curvature of the penis, should be more helpful in “remolding” the penis than manual manipulation. However, their research, which was presented at the Sexual Medicine Society of North America Fall 2016 Scientific Meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona, found that was not the case.

Is Xiaflex the best Non-Surgical Treatments for Peyronie’s Disease?

Though Xiaflex is generally well-tolerated by men with Peyronie’s, as with any prescription medication, Xiaflex has side-effects. The list of Xiaflex’s side effects include:

  • best Non-Surgical Treatments for Peyronie’s DiseaseInflammation and swelling at the injection site
  • Changes in the color of the skin of the penis
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Itching in the genital area
  • Painful erections and painful intercourse

Xiaflex can be effective in reducing the curve typical of Peyronie’s, but it does not completely cure the condition. Also it has not proven to be effective in all men with Peyronie’s.

Alternative Treatments for Peyronie’s Disease

Alternative Treatments for Peyronie’s DiseaseThere is a treatment for Peyronie’s Disease that does not require taking potentially dangerous drugs, or having invasive surgery. It is a procedure that was originally developed as a drug-free treatment for any man with ED. As it turns out, it is also the ideal treatment for men with Peyronie’s, especially if they are also suffering from ED as a result of the condition.

It is called The Gains Enhancement® and instead of using drugs or complicated surgeries, it uses your own blood!

It does this with Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. PRP is created by separating stem cells, and healing proteins from the red and white blood cells normally found in a sample of your blood.

When painlessly injected into the penis, PRP increases blood flow, and restores your ability to get an erection. However, unlike Viagra, it not only increases blood flow, it stimulates the healing and regrowth of erectile tissue damaged by Peyronie’s Disease.

The P-shot for Peyronie’s has been shown to restore normal erectile function, and also straighten out the curve typical of the disease. This makes the Gains Enhancement an effective treatment for Peyronie’s, even in men with PD who do not have erectile dysfunction.

In some cases, we are combining the P-shot for Peyronie’s with our latest male sexual wellness treatment, the GAINSWave™. The GAINSWave uses high-frequency acoustical waves to reduce the scar tissue of Peyronie’s as well as increase blood flow to the penis. When combined with the P-shot, some patients have seen a complete reversal of their Peyronie’s Disease!

If you have ED and Peyronie’s, contact our Peyronie’s counselors today, to schedule a FREE consultation to see if the Gains Enhancement for Peyronie’s is right for you.