Is Diabetes Contributing to Your Erectile Dysfunction?

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Erectile dysfunction is a common condition for men with diabetes. The two are, in fact, related.

Is Diabetes Contributing to Your Erectile DysfunctionWith some awareness of both conditions, you can fight your diabetes and treat your erectile dysfunction, regaining confidence and a healthy, happy sex life.

HealthGAINS understands the seriousness of these issues and offers treatments that can help conquer erectile dysfunction due to diabetes.

How Are Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes Related to Each Other?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to get or maintain an erection hard enough for sex.  It is no surprise that erectile dysfunction and diabetes are connected. The penis is a vascular organ, and Type 2 diabetes has been known to cause damage to the vascular system.

Erectile dysfunction due to diabetes can stem from damage to blood vessels (even the smallest ones located in the penis) as well as nerve damage caused by poor control of blood sugar levels.

It can also result from heart disease and high blood pressure, which are also conditions related to diabetes. Without proper blood flow to the penis, erections cannot occur. Diabetes can also cause kidney disease, which can cause chemical changes in your hormones, including those involved in sexual response.

How To Get Diabetes Under Control to Avoid ED

Don’t be embarrassed to ask for help with any medical conditions. A medical doctor specializing in this area will have the best advice on how to get your diabetes under control. He or she will also be able to determine any other underlying causes of your erectile dysfunction.

Exercise is crucial to lowering your blood sugar levels and keeping your diabetes under control. When you do any kind of physical activity, such as walking, your muscle contractions push glucose out of your blood and into your cells. Studies found in Diabetologia that participants who did moderate activity for 150 minutes per week lowered their risk of type 2 diabetes by 26 percent. Make sure to exercise to help treat erectile dysfunction due to diabetes.

GAINSWaveⓇ Therapy Can Treat Erectile Dysfunction

There two types of revolutionary treatments that can help you maintain an erection again, and both are available at HealthGAINS.

One of these is GAINSWave Therapy, a breakthrough, non-invasive, non-surgical treatment.

GAINSWave uses acoustic therapy, or shock waves, to bring optimal blood flow back to the penis.

These waves stimulate growth factors that lead to the development of new blood vessels, and as we said earlier, proper blood flow to the penis is the key to getting and maintaining a healthy erection.

Learn more about GAINSWave to see if it is the right treatment for your erectile dysfunction due to diabetes. You can visit the HealthGAINS website for a free consultation.

Stem Cell Therapy For Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy provides effective erectile dysfunction treatmentAnother breakthrough treatment offered by HealthGAINS to treat erectile dysfunction is Stem Cell Therapy.

Specialized stem cells are really all different kinds of cells in the body, such as connective tissue, neurons, lung cells and muscle cells.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC), which are what we use exclusively at HealthGAINS, are unspecialized, which means that they can morph into any kind of cell needed.

They can take on the function of cells in the groin, and this will lead to stronger repaired tissue, improved sensation, and longer and stronger erections.

What To Do If You Have Erectile Dysfunction Due To Diabetes

Finding a solution to health issues can be a frustrating process, but don’t give up hope for treating erectile dysfunction. It is possible to regain a healthy sex life with the performance typically experienced by men in their 20s. HealthGAINS offers effective treatment for men with erectile dysfunction along with other health services.

The journey begins when you decide to seek treatment. Make an appointment for a free consultation with HealthGAINS today!