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Submitted on December 26th, 2013

Hi, I am 34 years old guy, i workout in a gym from when i was 13 years old, i did boxing for 3 years, kung fu for 7 years and now I lift weight for almost 10 years regularly 3/4 times a week. Right now I am working out in a gym 5 times a week for 30min per each session and I am planning to start boxing again since I don’t do any cardio but only lift weight. I am very healthy and happy about my performance and I feel stronger than ever, I don’t smoke, I rarely drink soda or alcohol,but i will like to be able to naturally improve my level of testosterone and start to use some Anti-Aging product Please know that I have a light tachycardia only derived by anxiety and my blood pressure is between 128/83. All my family have an history of high blood pressure but since I work out a lot and I am doing a very healthy life I am able to manage my blood pression and avoid medication and right now i have between 120/75. Can you please suggest me any product anti-aging and also something for improve my testosterone? let me know thanks


The best first step is to actually have your hormone levels checked, including your total testosterone, free testosterone, and your estradiol levels. This will better help to evaluate which products would be useful in boosting your testosterone levels. If the blood tests results show you are in good general health and your testosterone levels are low then a full evaluation with a doctor who specializes in TRT – testosterone replacement therapy would be recommended. The best way to improve testosterone is the real thing itself – physician prescribed testosterone!


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