Stem Cell Therapy Used to Regrow and Repair Muscles

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Stem cell therapy is becoming more common. For the last several years, stem cell therapies have been coming out of the research labs and into real world applications. It is all part of the evolving practice of regenerative medicine.

In one of the next major leaps forward, researchers at UC San Francisco have successfully used stem cell therapies to repair damaged muscles.

The scientists isolated specific muscle stem cell. When these were introduced to an injury site, they “robustly replicated and repaired damaged muscles.”

The research was published in the medical journal, Stem Cell Reports.

The researchers hope that their success could lead to treatments that could treat severe injuries, or paralyzing conditions.

Muscles heal poorly after injuries because they lose the stem cells that help them to repair. The scientists found a way to replace the stem cells that are lost due to injury or disease. The technique involves using “satellite” cells, which are stem cells from another part of the body. When these specialized stem cells are re-introduced to the damaged muscle they stimulate healing.

For now, the scientists have only been able to achieve these results with mice. However, they were using human muscle tissue. They are confident that this stem cell therapy will work in humans.

Jason Pomerantz, MD one of the lead researchers on the project also provided his feedback. He said: “This gives us hope that we will be able to extract healthy stem cells from other muscles in the patient’s body and transplant them at the site of injury. If replenishing a healthy muscle stem cell pool facilitates re-innervation and recovery, it would be a significant leap forward.”

Stem Cell Therapies Already in Use

The words Success is in Your Blood surrounded by red cells

I am very excited about each new breakthrough in stem cell therapies. It is only a matter of time before I am sure I will be using these techniques to help my own patients.

After all, at our concierge age management clinics in Aventura and Miami Beach we are already using stem cell therapies.

We use stem cells in age management procedures for everything from facial rejuvenation, to erectile difficulties.

The secret is Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. Like the stem cell technologies in Dr. Pomerantz’s work, PRP therapies are based on using your own cells. In this case that means your blood cells.

In fact, PRP was one of the first effective stem cell therapies.

Platelet Rich Plasma was originally used to accelerate the repair of sports related injuries. Many well-known sports stars have used PRP to get off the injured lists and back in the game faster after wrist, shoulder and knee injuries. Today, PRP is usually the first choice among trainers to treat injured athletes. It has even be used to treat race horses!

The proven healing powers of PRP have led to the development of a number of “regenerative procedures.”

PRP and Improved Sexual Performance

The stem cells in PRP can not only help heal wounds and injuries. They can stimulate blood flow, and the regrowth of tissue anywhere in the body.

That means that PRP could be used in sexual wellness treatments for both men and women. PRP is used in the increasingly trendy O-shot for women. PRP is also used for stem cell therapy in PRP for sexual wellness“male enhancement.” The P-shot uses PRP, and so does my own unique Gains Enhancement Plus.

For the ladies, the stem cells in the O-shot provide “vaginal rejuvenation.” The O-shot has been shown to:

  • Improve sexual desire
  • Increase sensitivity
  • Improve arousal
  • Provide increased vaginal lubrication
  • Increase libido

For the guys, stem cells in the Gains Enhancement can cure erectile dysfunction (ED).

The Gains Enhancement improves your ability to get and keep harder, longer and stronger erections. It can also increase penis size.

To do the same thing that the stem cells can do in the Gains Enhancement would require surgery. The Gains Enhancement can improve your size and your sexual performance in a single pain-free office visit!



Have you or anyone you know tried any “age management” treatments? What were the results?

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