PRP Therapy Found to be Effective Treatment for Acne

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Regular readers of these blogs have become very familiar with the many uses of Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP Therapy.

This astounding biologic agent has been used very effectively to treat sports injuries, debilitating joint diseases, for hair restoration, and even to cure erectile dysfunction.

Now, a study recently published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, concludes that PRP Therapy is an effective treatment for acne. The study was designed to determine the safety and effectiveness of PRP combined with a technique called “microneedling” for the treatment of scarring and skin damage caused by acne.

The study looked at men 17 to 32 years, with “atrophic acne scars.” On one half of their faces microneedling was performed with the addition of PRP, on the other microneedling along with inert distilled water.

In over 60% of the men, the side of the face treated with the PRP saw a 20% or greater reduction of scars, than the side treated with microneedling alone.

What is PRP Therapy and How does it Work?

PRP therapy and acne treatments in menPlatelet Rich Plasma is what we call a “biologic.” Biologic agents are made using your own cells and are designed to replicate your body’s own natural healing processes. In the case of PRP, it is derived from your blood. These biologic agents such are the foundation of the rapidly evolving science of regenerative medicine.

A unique centrifugal process is used to harvest platelets, stem cells, and long-chain proteins known as healing factors from a sample of your blood.

The centrifuge separates the PRP from your white and red blood cells. The remaining liquid suspension is filled with platelets, stem cells and growth factor proteins. When this PRP is injected anywhere in the body, it “tricks” your body into thinking an injury has occurred at the injection site.

It triggers your body’s natural healing response. Blood flow is increased to the area. Rejuvenation of new cells is also stimulated by the introduction of PRP.

PRP is increasingly being used to treat joint problems and sports injuries, as well as a number of age reversing and aesthetic procedures.

PRP Therapy for Restoring Youth

Platelet Rich Plasma Found to be Effective Treatment for AcneThe idea of using the remarkable healing abilities of PRP to reduce the appearance of acne scars is the newest in a growing number of new applications for PRP Therapies.

In our physician guided age-management practices in Aventura and Miami Beach, we are using PRP Therapy to help men and women look, feel and perform their best in a number of ways.

The same remarkable healing powers that are helping men and women with terrible acne scars to feel good about their looks again, are helping folks just like you age more optimally.

We are using PRP for hair restoration in men and women. We are helping you look younger and more attractive with PRP for facial rejuvenation. PRP is even being used to cure some of the most common sexual wellness issues.

PRP Therapy is currently one of the most effective drug-free and surgery-free treatments available for men with erectile dysfunction, or ED  thanks to my latest treatment  – The Gains Enhancement®.

The same way that PRP injections increase blood flow, and accelerate the growth of new tissue in the healing of acne scars and other cosmetic issues, it also provides a breakthrough cure for ED!

PRP is the cornerstone of Doctors from all over the country travel to our offices to receive training on how to administer the Gains Enhancement®, but it is available to you, right here in our offices in Miami Beach and Aventura.

The Gains Enhancement® is ideal for men with ED and diabetes, or high blood pressure. The Gains Enhancement has none of the side-effects or contraindications of oral ED drugs.

The Gains Enhancement® Plus may help men suffering from Peyronie’s Disease, and it is the only non-surgical ED treatment that is proven to help you to get and keep bigger erections that can also make your penis longer!

Have you or anyone you know ever tried any rejuvenative procedures, what were the results?

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