Melatonin For Men and Male Enhancement

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Melatonin is a specific protein that is responsible for skin pigmentation, and your ability to tan. It also helps to regulate your “biological clock,” or sleep-wake cycle. That is why melatonin supplements have been used as effective sleep aids.

Now, new research seems to suggest that melatonin also plays a role in sexual wellness, leading researchers to believe, that melatonin may also be used as an effective treatment for sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

Much how Viagra was discovered “by accident” when it was in clinical trials for something else – men who were testing a sunless tan product containing melatonin reported increased erections. Women in the trial claimed to become sexually aroused when using the product.

While these reports are largely anecdotal, as are similar ones from people – particularly men – taking melatonin for sleep problems, research in rats is now on-going into the possible use of melatonin based treatments for erectile dysfunction and female sexual wellness issues. The results so far indicate that large amounts of melatonin inhibit sexual function, but in small doses, it may stimulate the “pleasure centers” of the brain that produce and release the “feel good” chemicals serotonin and dopamine, which would explain how melatonin could influence sexual arousal.

There are already a glut of “male enhancement” products on the market that contain melatonin that claim to increase penis size. Such claims are unsubstantiated and largely bogus.

Effective Male Enhancement

The past several years have been landmark in the volume of research and breakthrough procedures that have been developed for sexual dysfunction and male enhancement. While we wait for the next “big thing,” there are some very effective, and cutting-edge procedures we have available to use right now.

In fact, one such procedure, that uses Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP, is the only male enhancement technique that can be used effectively to treat erectile dysfunction, and also increase penis size.

Effective Male EnhancementPRP as used in my own proprietary treatment – The Gains Enhancement – has been shown to increase penis size, both length and girth, by as much as 1-inch in a single pain-free visit. There simply is no procedure or treatment – other than surgery – that can promise similar results!

How does Platelet Rich Plasma do it? PRP as used in the Gains Enhancement and the P-shot, uses stem cells and the growth factors in your own blood to cure erectile problems, and to provide true male enhancement.

Not Just For Men

Just as current research into melatonin and sexual dysfunction seems to indicate it can be effective for women as well as men, PRP is also used to solve issues of female sexual dysfunction.

The popular O-shot, which was once again put in the ultra-exclusive “goodie bags” of celebrity guests at this year’s Oscars, uses PRP for “vaginal rejuvenation.”

The O-shot increases blood flow, and stimulates cellular growth in the vaginal area, helping women obtain stronger and more frequent orgasms, and experience increased sensitivity and lubrication.

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