Atlanta Braves’ All-Star Freddie Freeman Benefits from PRP

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Freddie Freeman uses PRP to Get Back in the Game

Freddie Freeman, Atlanta Braves All-Star first baseman, is the latest pro athlete to benefit from Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP.

He joins a list that read like “Who’s Who” of sports celebrities including Kobe Bryant, Tiger Woods, Hines Ward and Fred Couples. Freeman landed on the injured list in late June with a severe “wrist contusion.”

According to a spokesperson with Major League Baseball, Freddie Freeman has received PRP injections to the wrist in an attempt to speed his return to the lineup.

The Braves organization is aware of the key role Freddie Freeman is to their success, and is interested in anything that could accelerate his recovery. That is why they opted for the PRP injections.

Freddie Freeman has been responding well to the treatments.  So well that the team is confident he will return to the lineup by August. In a recent statement they said there is a chance he may return as soon as immediately following the All-Star break.

What is PRP?

PRP is made from your own blood. Using a centrifugal process, the white and red cells are separated from a small vial of blood.

Atlanta Braves All-Star Freddie Freeman & PRP

What is left is a liquid that is super-charged with platelets, healing factors, and undifferentiated stem cells. When this compound is injected to the site of an injury, such as the wrist of Atlanta Braves’ All-Star Freddie Freeman, it stimulates increased blood flow and rejuvenation of cells at the site. It them accelerates the healing process.

PRP is what is known as a “biologic agent,” or something that uses your body’s own processes to heal injuries or cure disease. Biologics are the cornerstone of the emerging practice of regenerative medicine.

PRP is increasingly becoming the standard of care for orthopedic and sports related injuries.

PRP and Age Optimization

Power-hitter Freddie Freeman is just the latest in a long line of star athletes that have benefited from the remarkable healing powers of PRP. However, men from all walks of life are finding out how PRP can also help them to “get back in the game,” in another way altogether.

The same growth factors that are helping athletes like Freddie Freeman return to peak performance on the field, can help you hit more homeruns in the bedroom!

PRP has proven to be the most effective surgery-free and drug-free treatment available for erectile dysfunction, or ED.

Just as PRP increases blood flow and stimulates the growth of new cells in the healing of sports related injuries, it also provides a cure for ED!

In fact, PRP is used in my own proprietary ED treatment, The Gains Enhancement for Men. This is the only non-surgical ED treatment that is proven to not only improve your ability to get and maintain an erection, but can increase the length of your penis!

Have you or anyone you know ever tried any rejuvenative procedures, what were the results?

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