Stem Cell Therapy May Help Treat Autoimmune Disease

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Researchers are turning to the rapidly emerging field of regenerative medicine to look for new ways to treat autoimmune disease, like with stem cell therapy. The key to regenerative medicine is to use stem cell therapy to grow, or “regenerate” healthy new cells to fight what we call an “autoimmune disease.”

Lupus is a common, and terribly debilitating type of autoimmune disease. In an autoimmune disease, your body’s own immune system turns on itself. Instead of seeing foreign invaders as the enemy, your immune system starts to attack and breakdown your own normal healthy cells. This causes the chronic pain, and other incapacitating symptoms associated with diseases like lupus.

Auto immune diseases are very difficult to treat. Thankfully, scientists are now looking for a stem cell therapy that may treat Lupus and other autoimmune conditions.

Patients with Lupus typically suffer bone loss, joint pain, and swelling and inflammation of the joints. Researchers have found that stem cell therapy injected into the inflamed areas, seem to improve the patient’s symptoms.

They are not sure yet how and why the transplanted stem cells work in Lupus patients. But, Songtao Shi, head researcher with Penn Dental Medicine, says that the project has “implications for potential therapeutic strategies for lupus as well as other diseases for which [stem cell therapies] have shown promise.”

Current Types of Stem Cell Therapy

Every time I hear of another stem cell therapy, I am excited. Each new breakthrough in stem cell therapy takes us that much closer to the day when regenerative medicine is the only medicine.

stem cell therapy in PRPUntil that day, I am proud to do my part to help my patients with current stem cell therapies. In our concierge age management facilities in Miami Beach and Aventura, we already use stem cell therapy. We use stem cell therapies such as Platelet Rich Plasma for many age-management treatments.

Like the stem cell techniques being used in the Lupus research, Platelet Rich Plasma therapies use your own cells. In the case of PRP treatments, that means your own blood cells.

PRP was one of the first effective treatments that used stem cell therapy.

PRP was originally used to quicken the recovery from inflammatory joint diseases, and sports related injuries. Many professional athletes have used PRP injections to return to the game, quicker, and often times stronger, than they were before their injuries!

The proven success of using PRP for orthopedics, led to the development of a number of other regenerative procedures based on PRP.

PRP and Sexual Wellness

The stem cells in PRP can stimulate blood flow, and the regrowth of tissue anywhere in the body. Which means we can use PRP therapy to treat sexual dysfunction in both men and women.

stem cell therapy in PRP for sexual wellnessPRP is the essential ingredient in the increasingly fashionable Orgasm-shot, or “O-shot” for women. PRP is also used in the P-shot and my unique Gains Enhancement for men.

As a stem cell therapy for women, the O-shot can increase sexual satisfaction, stimulate increased vaginal lubrication, and increase libido

For men, Gains Enhancement and the P-shot are stem cell therapies we use to cure erectile dysfunction (ED). These PRP injections for men improves your ability to get and sustain an erection.

Because the stem cells in PRP stimulate the growth of new tissue, PRP therapy for men can also increase penis size.



Have you or anyone you know tried any “age management” treatments? What were the results?

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