Can Platelet Rich Plasma Treat Hair Loss?

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Did you know Platelet Rich Plasma is a very effective, and relatively low cost cure for thinning hair that doesn’t involve drugs, or costly surgery?

Platelet Rich Plasma or PRP, is made from your own blood. It has remarkable healing powers. PRP has been used in a number of aesthetic and rejuvenative procedures, and is now proving to be successful for hair restoration.

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair Restoration

Like all Platelet Rich Plasma therapies, PRP for hair loss starts with taking a small sample of your blood.

UPlatelet Rich Plasma and Hair Losssing a unique centrifugal process, the platelets are separated from the red and white blood cells.

Platelets are specialized cells that are instrumental in healing. Platelets not only allow your blood to clot when you get cut or injured, they contain stem cells and other “growth factors,” that speed healing.

When we make platelet rich plasma, those stem cells and growth factors get concentrated into an injectable solution. At the site where PRP gets injected, blood flow improves, and new cells form. This is how PRP has been used effectively in sports injuries and other aesthetic procedures, such as non-surgical face lifts.

In the case of PRP for baldness, the PRP injection increases the blood supply to the hair follicles which delivers more nutrients to the follicle cells, making them stronger and more active, which results in increased hair growth, and thicker, stronger hair.

In the treatment of androgenetic alopecia, so-called “male pattern baldness,” PRP injections have shown to provide better and longer lasting results than drugs such as minoxidil.

Other Uses for Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet Rich Plasma for Hair LossThere continues to be research into the restorative power of platelet rich plasma. In our own concierge age-management facilities in Miami Beach and Aventura, we are using PRP for hair restoration, as well as a number of other procedures.

Some of the very first uses of PRP were for joint problems and sports related injuries. We use PRP to treat inflammation, degenerative joint diseases, and for joint pain. PRP is also a platform technology for a number of our restorative and age-optimization treatments.

PRP is the key ingredient in the Vampire Facelift ®. The Vampire Facelift® uses PRP to naturally rejuvenate facial tissue. The infusion of blood that results from PRP facial rejuvenation produces remarkable, age-defying effects. Since PRP is made from your own blood, it has none of the dangerous toxicity of chemical fillers such as Botox.

Platelet rich plasma is also being used as a sexual wellness treatment for both men and women. PRP is the basis of the popular O-shot for women and the P-shot for Men.

Both the P-shot and the O-shot use the stem cells and growth factors in PRP to enhance sexual function. In the O-shot that helps women experience deeper, longer and more satisfying orgasms. It also promotes increased lubrication and sensitivity.

In the P-shot, also known as the Priapus shot, PRP not only provides a cure for ED, it can also increase penis size!

Have you or anyone you know tried any platelet rich plasma treatments? What were the results?

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