Warnings of HGH

HGH Therapy and Treatment: Warnings, Safety, Risks and Side Effects

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The age reversing properties of HGH make it a sought-after supplement to revitalize your physical, mental and sexual health. Known to boost bodily functions, energy levels, muscle strength, mood, libido, weight loss as well as concentration, human growth hormone is often administered through injections on a regular basis.

What can HGH be used for?

Can HGH be used for Anti-aging?

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HGH and anti-aging. Is it really the fountain of youth? Clinical studies have been conducted to determine the effects of human growth hormone on the aging process. These studies are still on-going, but evidence is building to support the fact that HGH can positively affect lean muscle mass, bone mineral density, brain and visual function, mood, cardiovascular function, hair and skin.

Books on HGH & Testosterone

Must Read Books about Growth Hormone and Testosterone

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Must read books about hormone optimization, testosterone therapy and the human growth hormone.