10 Ways to Reach Total Health & Wellness in 2018

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It’s time for you to make all the health and wellness promises you made yourself this is the year. For instance: “I lose weight,” “get in better shape,” “start to eat right,” etc., etc. I know you mean well, and I also know how tough it can be to stick to your fitness goals.

The biggest mistake people make in setting fitness goals in January is trying to take too large a bite of the apple. They try to do “everything at once.” They join a gym, sign up for group classes, maybe hire a trainer, and go on some fad diet.

This can be a big mistake, particularly after a year, or YEARS of unhealthy habits. You need to start slowly and build on each small success. This will help you to stay motivated past March!

Here are 10 tips that can make it a little easier to reach your health and wellness goals in 2018!

1) Evaluate your Diet – We can spend an entire article and not just a “tip” on how to eat better in the year ahead. However, as a simple guide to refer back to, you need to kick the “Standard American Diet,” or SAD. The SAD, or “sad!” way most Americans eat is chock full of grains, white sugar, processed foods and other “inflammatory foods” which cause systemic inflammation, poor overall health, and contribute to life-shortening illnesses such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Evaluate your current diet and change it accordingly. If you want a specific diet to try, go Paleo, or Mediterranean. Otherwise, cut out the junk, and eat lots of lean protein, fruits, veggies, healthy fats, nuts, and seeds, and you will be building a foundation to reach your long-term health goals.

health and wellness in 20162) Exercise – You know you are not going to get in shape without exercising. I recommend High-Intensity Interval Training or HIIT. HIIT stimulates the production of Human Growth Hormone. Increased levels of HGH build lean muscle and burn fat. Increasing your level of HGH has a number of other anti-aging benefits. Cross-fit is also a great core strength and conditioning program, which incorporates varied movements at different intensities. It is exercising at various intensity that stimulates HGH production.

3) Be Prepared to Fail – This goes along with setting realistic goals. Understand you are going to have set-backs. Do not let those deter you from moving forward, and getting back on track.

4) Quit Smoking – Need I say any more? If you smoke, you need to quit, period.

5) Reduce alcohol consumption – If you are drinking more than “socially,” you need to cut back. One glass of red wine a day, does have some health benefits, but try to keep it to that.

health and wellness tips -reduce stress6) Reduce stress – You are not going to really get in shape, and stay in shape unless you also include some way to reduce stress. Stress destroys your testosterone level and builds up cortisol. In a condition of low testosterone and high cortisol, it is almost impossible to lose weight and build muscle, no matter how much exercise you do, or how well you eat!

7) Get a good night’s sleep – Poor sleep habits also lowers testosterone, as well as your production of HGH. Not to mention, poor sleep affects everything from your job performance to your love life. Improved sleep, at least 7 hours of good sleep, will do wonders for your health!

8) Stay Hydrated – Did you know that most people are walking around in a state of almost chronic dehydration and do not even know it? Instead of trying to figure out how many glasses you need to drink a day, take your body weight in pounds and divide it in half.  That is approximately how many ounces of water you should drink per day.

9) Vitamins and Supplements – Again, we can spend a full article on what supplements you should (and should not!) be taking regularly. But at the very least, take a good, daily multi-vitamin, multi-mineral formula. Beyond that at the minimum consider CoQ10 and Fish Oil.

10) Gut Health – Keeping a harmonious balance of “good bacteria, and bad bacteria,” in your digestive system is crucial for overall health and wellness. Eating foods such as yogurt, or Kefir, can help “good bacteria,” thrive. If you have no “stomach,” for that take probiotic supplements.



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