4 Supplements Every Man Needs

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There are many important vitamins and minerals that both men and women have trouble getting enough of in their daily diet; however, there are a few that are especially important to men.  This is a good list of men’s supplements to begin with if you want to start down the road to better health.

Omega 3

This fatty acid is found mostly in fish oil. In order to consume a lot of it, a man’s diet must be rich in fish. Most men, especially American men, do not have enough fish in their diet. Fortunately, it can be easily found in supplemental form and can be taken daily. There are a wide range of benefits to consuming omega 3s, but some of the most well-known benefits are improved heart health and lower blood pressure.

Vitamin D

This is an important vitamin for both men and women, but there has been a lot of research on the vitamin as it relates to each gender. Studies have shown that men can realize additional benefits from this vitamin, so it takes on greater importance especially when so many men do not consume enough of it from natural sources. Vitamin D has shown to help a man’s mental performance and prevent weight gain. There has also been some research to indicate that it may slow down the process of hair loss and boost reproductive health.


Boron is an important supplement that may help fight prostate cancer. Research suggests that men with high levels of boron are less likely to develop prostate cancer. Your local supermarket is not likely to have this on their shelf, but most vitamin stores carry it in stock. Boron has also been linked to improved memory.

Coenzyme Q10

Although this is produced in the human body, as a person ages, the production drops off significantly. It is important for the body to have this when regulating the cells in your body. There is growing evidence that it helps fight many diseases including heart disease, and it is a powerful antioxidant. Like Boron, it may be difficult to find in a local supermarket, but easily found at specialty retailers.