How to Make Smart Decisions at the Drive-Thru

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Being on the go is a necessary part of modern life. Between the drive to and from work, school or any other functions, we easily spend at least several hours a week behind the wheel.

During all these long hours we tend to get bored and — quite often — hungry. Throughout the roads in all of North America, temptation looms everywhere we look: the golden arches of McDonald’s, the yellow and red of logos of Burger King…

These fast food restaurants are convenient and allow us to get a quick bite to eat without interrupting our daily grind too much. However, these quick fixes can end up hurting us if we don’t pay attention to the items we choose. On every menu, especially fast food menus, decisions can be made to pick something that can either hurt us or not. Here are some tips to make smart decisions at the drive-thru.

Head Straight for the Chicken Items

The best “relatively good for you” options on fast food menus are typically chicken. Chicken is a relatively lean meat with far less calories and fat than beef. Look for grilled chicken options; load it with tomatoes and anything that isn’t cheese or sauce, and you can still have a delicious sandwich that won’t break your diet.

Choose a Healthier Burger

If you’re craving a burger, you can still get what you want without cheating yourself. Always try to get burgers that are loaded with veggies like onions, lettuce and with tomatoes. Cheese can go on it, but just make sure you make up for it by making better choices throughout the day.

Moderation is Key

Anytime you feel like getting a quick bite by going through a drive through, keep your goals in mind. Make sure you get only the healthiest options by keeping your eyes peeled for the keyword: grilled. Always eat fast food in moderation, and make sure that the rest of your meals throughout the day are home cooked and use healthy ingredients and healthy cooking techniques.

The next time you’re out and about and need a quick bite, keep in mind that good decision don’t have to taste bad. You can still eat what you crave, just make sure you’re getting the best possible option so that you can continue making improvements to your health.