How to Curb Junk Food Cravings

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Maintaining a healthy diet is already difficult, but sudden cravings seem impossible to ignore and can ruin your hard work. When you cannot get chocolate cake or a bag of potato chips out of your mind, there are steps you can take to resist your urge to snack.

Keep Healthy Foods Nearby

While you might like sugary treats, your body is always craving nutritious food. The body produces hormones that induce hunger, and the things that control and regulate these hormones best are found in healthy food. Eating foods high in protein or fiber like nuts, grains, fruits and vegetables will help control cravings and promote a healthy diet.

Stay Energized

Food gives you the energy necessary to complete your day, and hunger pains start when you are low on energy. Eating healthy snacks throughout the day keeps your energy high and keeps you from wanting a sugar fix from the vending machine.


Having low energy can result in fatigue, and many people try to combat tiredness by eating. A better solution is to rest your eyes or take a nap because you will be less hungry when you feel refreshed.

Treat Yourself

Eating right can satiate your body, but what your body needs and your mind wants can be two separate things. Denying yourself your favorite junk food can just make you want it more. Indulging yourself occasionally is better than breaking down and bingeing on fatty foods. A small treat everyday will satisfy your mind without ruining your health or figure.


Water is not solely thirst quenching because it alleviates cravings too. Water fills your stomach without increasing your calorie intake and is better than sugary drinks, which are normally unhealthy and can trigger cravings.


Cupcakes and cookies are delicious, but sweets also influence emotions. Sugar releases endorphins that cause relaxation, which makes many people crave desserts when they are stressed. Taking the time to calm down and lower your stress level will reduce the urge to snack, and replacing sugary foods with sweet tasting fruit also helps.

Stay Distracted

Time passes slowly when you can only think about nachos or pizza, but cravings actually only last for a short period of time. Distracting yourself for 10-20 minutes gives most cravings the chance to disappear. Take a walk, listen to music, run errands or do anything that will shift your focus away from food.